Twitter Socialite: How Do Your Followers Perceive You?

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A majority of companies today have jumped on the social media wagon and created a Twitter account. The next matter of discussion is how well are these companies using their Twitter account? Well, I’ve broken down Twitter accounts into three categories: Wallflower, Piggy Backer, and Socialite.



The Wallflower


A Twitter wallflower is an account that sits back and just observes tweets from other people. They may occasionally retweet or comment on someone else’s tweet, but they create original tweets. If you find yourself in this category, I suggest doing some research. You can do this by looking at what your competitors or others in your field of business tweet and then think about how you could work something similar into your tweets. Also find interesting articles that relate to your business and your consumers would want to read.


Piggy Backer


The Piggy Backers are the retweet masters. They like to share what their colleagues and industry experts are saying, but they haven’t found their own voice. To keep from piggybacking, when you see a post you want to retweet, take that same idea but form it into your own words. For example, you are dying to hit the retweet button because your distributor announced they’re re-releasing an old product. Instead of retweeting, you could say “@bootsareawesome is re-releasing their black shiny boot! Who’s excited?” In that tweet, you’ve recognized your distributor, but you also have started a conversation with your followers.




Twitter socialites are the golden children of the Twitter universe. These people share industry news in such a manner that people look anticipate and look forward to their tweets. In essence they are the ones the wallflowers look up to and the piggy backers retweet from. If you are a socialite, I say congratulations. If you’re not, you can become one! Like I said earlier, do some research. See what your competitors or industry leaders are doing to interact with their followers. Also try reaching out to your followers. You can do this simply by asking them questions about their product preferences or what they would like to see you carrying next.


Which Twitter category do you fall under? Or do you think you fall into another category entirely? Let me know with a comment!

Let’s Get Live With Live Streaming Video Platforms

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Have you ever had an in-store event and wish your customers in another location could have participated too? Now such an event is possible with streaming platforms that let your event go live with a webcam and a internet connection. Here we introduce to the two biggest platforms.

I Stream, UStream
According to their website, USteam is the fastest growing and largest live streaming platform. One of their claims to fame is President Obama used their platform during his 2008 campaign. Set up you custom channel and use UStream on everything from your smartphone to a webcam to encoders.




UStream four plans for customers to choose from. The first plan is their free service which is ad supported. The next three plans are paid plans based on the amount of video storage you would like and the number of ad free video you want. Don’t know how many viewer hours you need? UStream has a handy calculator that helps find your best plan.


And You’re Livestream


Livestream is similar to Ustream in that you can use anything from your smartphone to a webcam to encoders to live stream your video. Livestream differs because they also provide
live Blogging tools, so you can submit text, photos and video. Start chats with your viewers and easily be able to moderate the conversation. Once you sign up, you are immediately given a live event page on the LiveStream website. Embed it into your website, Facebook, and Twitter.





Worried about your on-the-go users? The live event page is mobile ready so it can go wherever it needs to. Livestream has three kinds of plans, which are all ad free. The first is free and includes a one month archive. The basic plan has an unlimited event archive and viewers are not required to login. The premium plan includes live embedding along with an unlimited event archive and other features.


Have you used a live streaming platform before? We’d love to hear about! Please tells us in a comment below about your live streaming experience.

Get Promoted With Promoted Facebook Posts

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This summer Facebook released a new feature for its users: Promoted Posts. These posts, which are written like normal posts, make sure all of your followers see the information you are trying to push. Right now they’re only available to Facebook Pages that have at least 400 likes.



What Should I Post?

Post things that are similar to previous topics that your audience interacted well with. The Facebook Help page recommends taking a look at your Page Insights to best gauge your audience and what they interact best with. The help page also suggests that a new audience is more likely to interact with your page if they see that a friend has already liked, commented or shared something from your page.


How Do I Promote a Post?


Promoting a post is simple. Create a post like you would normally and when you are finished click on the “Promote” button. Click the type of audience you would like to reach and enter the amount of money you would like to spend on the post. You can spend anywhere from $5 to $75 to reach around 500 to 14,000 people. Then you just hit save and then hit “Post” like you would normally and you’re done!



Rumor Has It
You may have seen on your personal news feed groups you follow saying that you need to add them to an interest list because Facebook will start charging them to post to all their followers. Well, that is the farthest thing from the truth. Tech Crunch did their own version of MythBusters and found that the launch of promoted posts actually had no impact on the number of news feeds Facebook Pages could reach.

What it did was make it easier for personal users to report Pages for being spammy and it changed how the site picks what pops up in the news feed. As long as your company’s page doesn’t seem spammy with tons of Facebook updates, your posts will continue to show up in your follower’s news feeds.

Did you see a jump in likes after a Promoted Post? Has there been an increase in your follower interaction when you did a Promoted Post? We want to hear about it! Just leave your comment below.

SPRING 2013 Internship: Digital Marketing Intern

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The REFUGE Group, a rapidly growing integrated marketing strategies firm, is looking for a Houston resident who is proficient in and an active user of digital and interactive media.  The ideal candidate will be creative, self-motivated, have excellent written and oral communication skills, and will possess a positive and professional approach when working with a variety of people.


To perform well in this internship you need to enjoy using and have working knowledge of social and news bookmarking sites as well as understand the power of a social media presence for brands and products.  Students working toward a college degree in marketing, advertising, communications, public relations, or journalism are preferred.

Job Description:


  • Learn how to create and maintain an effective marketing campaign across all interactive media including client websites, Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs


  • Learn the nuances of client management from sitting in on meetings to hands on account administration experience






  •  See the principles of marketing in action for both interactive and traditional marketing


  • Contribute to our clients’ and our own social networking initiatives, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube updates and maintenance.


  • Explore new digital communication mediums, including blogging, podcasting, mobile applications, etc.


  • Proactively create and maintain online conversations


  • Ensure all technical aspects of the websites are functioning correctly and offer solutions as they arise



  • Track, analyze, and report the results of marketing campaigns

For the right candidate, there is an excellent opportunity to grow with the company.  This is an unpaid internship (application for school credit encouraged) for a minimum 15-20 hours per week at an office in the Washington Corridor/Memorial Park area.  Please provide resume and cover letter citing examples of social media usage to If you would like additional information, please feel free to email or call Alexzandria Cormier-Hill at (713) 528-0200 x 103.

You’re Invited: Using Online Event Planning Platforms

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Whether it’s an intimate get together or a full scale house party, everyone loves a good party. Planning and executing your (or your client’s) event can be tricky, but what if I told you there are sites that can help you organize everything from the invite to ticket sales to check in. Here are a couple of websites will make marketing your event simple.


Brighten Up Your Event


Founded in 2006, Eventbrite boasts selling over 79 million tickets. This platform let’s you create a personalized website for your event, so people can have a landing page while searching for your event. The website is mobile ready and retail accessible if your event requires selling tickets. With tools like social media promotions and listings on the Eventbrite website and public search engines, you are able to get the word out about your event quite easily. Want to see how your sales are going or how many people are coming? Take a look at Eventbrite’s tracking features.


When it comes time for the event, Eventbrite offers the “Entry Manager” app that can check guests in, and read tickets. If you would like to continue to sell tickets at the door, just download the “At The Door” app and you can securely sell tickets straight from your iPad. You may be wondering about a price. Well Eventbrite only charges if you are selling tickets to your event. They offer a 2.5%, 99 cents per ticket sold, and various payment processing option charges. The payment options include credit cards (3% of ticket value), PayPal (2.9% + 30 cents per transaction), Google Checkout (2.9% + 30 cents per transaction), and (varies). 


Bee First On The Event Front


You can promote your annual fundraiser or a one time seminar on Eventbee. This handy website lets you choose between RSVP events and ticketed events like Eventbrite, but also let’s you choose the type of ticket you want to sell. Another cool feature is Eventbee lets you accept donations to a non-profit if that applies to your event. You can customize how you want your event’s personal page and integrate your event page on your website.




Create share buttons to get the word out on your event. Also paste in the custom Facebook URL in your event description and you are able to sell tickets from your event page. With the “Real Time Attendee” app you can use multiple cell phones to check in your guests in. After the event, create reports to look at your attendance, the number of check-ins, and sales report. Based on various features, your service rate can run from $1 to $2 and for payment options you can choose PayPal (2.9% + 30), Google Checkout (2.9% + 30 cents), Eventbee (4.95% + 50 cents) and a merchant account , which means Eventbee provides a custom account through Braintree payments.



If you have used these or another event planning website, let us know about your experience. Did you see an increase in attendance because of them? Were they easy to use?