Business Travel Tips

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With business travel on the rise again, the hassles linked to traveling tend to increase. Crowds delay the flow of traffic in airports, and people often spend outside of their budget as unforeseen expenses arise. It can be challenging to prepare for a business trip, but planning and knowing certain information ahead of time is the best way to avoid travel-related headaches.


Some Helpful Tips to Remember:


In order to avoid the fees and hassles associated with checking luggage, pack light and smart using luggage that can fit in the overhead bins. According to Rick Steves, “the measure of a good traveler is how light he or she travels. You can’t travel heavy, happy, and cheap. Pick two.” Be sure to check out his blog here.


Instead of packing one oversized bag, try packing two small, but equal-sized bags. One should fit under the seat, while the other should be flexible so it will fit in the overhead bins. Another tip is, weather permitting, to try wearing the heaviest items you are taking in order to reduce the amount that needs to go in your luggage.


Watch out for security lines that include families with small children and unconventional luggage. Sometimes, the shortest line is not always the fastest.


Before your arrival, find out how much it will cost to stay connected. Some hotels charge around $30 a day for Internet access. At times, it is more affordable to make prior arrangements and buy a different data plan for a phone or tablet, rather than paying daily rates.


Find out the essential information beforehand, and it will ease travel-related stress, turning an inconvenient work task into a pleasant experience. Click here for more tips on making work travel less troublesome.

What makes Twitter #important?

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Twitter Logo

Twitter is an entirely different form of social media compared to the other social media platforms out there today. Although Twitter users often use the social media platform as a way to share their basic day-to-day thoughts, Twitter can also be used by businesses to target desirable clientele. In fact, many Twitter users are highly educated, with over thirty percent of users holding four-year degrees. People are increasingly turning their attention to Twitter as an up-to-date source of news and information. Click here to read about one example where Twitter had a huge impact on the Dow, S&P and Nasdaq.

Get Personal

Twitter has become a worthy customer service tool because it allows brands to engage with consumers in conversation. Aside from that it also makes it easier for companies to go viral and link to consumers.

Twitter is all about connecting with customers and engaging them in conversation. If you are not going to be interactive and attentive to your Twitter account, then your Twitter campaign will be unsuccessful. Consumers are drawn to relationships that feel personal, which relies heavily on the assurance that you will see and respond to their tweets almost instantly.

Go Viral

Becoming viral is always a goal when engaging in a social media campaign. While Twitter does not guarantee that this will happen, it does make it simpler with the use of the retweet button.

Learning how to get people to retweet your posts is a crucial part of using Twitter.

Hashtags provide multiple services. They connect users with the same interests, permit brands and companies to target a specific audience, and allow for conversations to be started between companies and clients.Hashtags are important because they are central to having your updates connect and searchable by other users. Twitter also cuts through the “noise” of social media. You can easily search a keyword with a hashtag in front of it, and it will produce posts with your specific interests.

These hashtag campaigns were extremely successful.

Twitter, in conjunction with other social media outlets, will help you build your brand and gain loyal customers.

Understanding Edgerank is All about U, W and D

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The average Facebook user spends about one-fourth of their time on that site scrolling through their news feed according to The best way to expand your brand’s reach on Facebook is to get your content into your fans’ news feeds.


How does Facebook determine what content travels into an individual’s news feed? The first step towards answering this question is understanding the Edgerank metric.


Edgerank is the algorithm that Facebook employs to filter posts streaming into a person’s news feed. Edgerank is comprised of three factors: Affinity, Weight and Decay. The following is a description of these factors to help your brand improve its performance in relation to them.


Affinity (U)


Affinity is a measure of the relationship that a Facebook user has with your brand. The more they interact with your content through likes, shares and comments, the higher your brand’s affinity score will be in. You can increase affinity by encouraging engagement with your posts.


Weight (W)


Different Facebook posts are assigned different weights. Photos and videos have the most weight. Posts with links are a bit less valuable. However, a post’s weight can be increased if enough people interact with it via sharing, liking or commenting. Including visuals in your posts can increase your weight.


Decay (D)


As a general rule, posts lose value as they get older. Your brand’s post is less likely to show up on a fan’s news feed three days after it is posted then it is the day it was posted. The way to maintain a high decay score? Consistently post new content.


Is your brand showing up in your fans’ news feeds? What have you tried to increase your Edgerank score? Share your experience in a comment below.



Five Social Media Trends are Affecting Businesses

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As your business builds its social media presence, it will help to keep in mind the prominent trends that affect your efforts. Mike Johansson of Social Media Today recently highlighted five such trends to keep in mind. The following is a recap of his insights.


A Picture is Worth 1000 Words- Businesses are finding that using visuals on social media is a much more effective way to engage their audience.  The increased use of pictures has led to great growth for sites such as Instagram and Pinterest.  YouTube and Vine have grown as they provide space for the use of videos.


Two Hands are not Enough- Americans are spending more time on more computing devices than ever before. It is common for this time to be spent on more than one device at the same time.  In this atmosphere, it important for brands to coordinate their efforts on numerous platforms.


Brands Need to be Human- More consumers are following brands on various platforms online.  At the same time, these consumers don’t want brands to misuse their online loyalty.  The delicate balance of relating to fans and customers is not any easier online.


Privacy is Still a Priority- Increased time spent online has led to increased concern about keeping personal information secure.  In light of this, it is important for businesses to balance their need for data with individuals’ needs for privacy.


Measurement is a Necessity- With a large percentage of individuals visiting social media several times a day, brands are looking for more ways to measure how well they are accomplishing their goals online. Numerous tools are available to brands to fulfill this need.  Businesses looking to succeed online need to learn how best to use these measurement tools.


What trends have you seen affecting your business online?  How have you responded to these trends?  Share in a comment.



Three Ways to Bring More Readers to Your Blog

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If you are looking to get more eyes on your business’s blog, a recent post by Sam Zastrow for Social Media Today offers some assistance. Since attracting attention to even the most groundbreaking content can be challenging in the blogosphere, Zastrow passes on three writing styles to spice up your blog.  This variety may be just what you need to gain new readers and increase engagement.

1. Create Video Content- It doesn’t take much to give readers a break from text only posts.  If you have a camera, some knowledge of editing and a good idea and you are on your way.  One study has found that videos are shared 12 times more than text and links combined.  If a video is too much to handle right now, you can go visual with still pictures that relate to your topic.

2. Interview a Person of Interest- If the interview takes place on camera, or if it is audio only, the back and forth of a question and answer session can pique your readers’ interest. Consider interviewing an interesting employee of your business, maybe the employee of the month.  Contact a satisfied customer.  Ask if they would be willing to be interviewed about their experience with your company.  Use the questions you ask them to draw out why they like your company so much.

3. Use an occasional guest Blogger- There may be a talented writer amongst your readers. Give them an opportunity to give their views at times.  If they are a regular reader of your company’s blog, they may well have unique insights to share.  Whether they include praise or constructive criticism, the words of a follower can be a valuable asset to your blog.

As you seek to entice more readers to your company’s blog, the key will always be providing quality content on a consistent basis.  However, it will help to inject some variety into that quality.

Have you used any of the above ideas in your company’s blog?  Share your experience in a comment.