Millennial Marketing

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The Millennial Generation is “the most talked-about, researched, marketed-to generation ever,” according to Melissa Lavigne-Delville, Vice President of Strategic Insights and Culture Education at NBCUniversal. Presently, small businesses must focus on real-time content and deliver a big impact upon consumers in the Millennials’ world of social media and digital devices. It is becoming harder and harder to stay relevant for modern businesses, so we’ll offer a few tips to success at marketing to the Millennials.


Keep on Talking


Your business has the opportunity to connect with customers on a whole new and faster level through online real-time interaction. Social media is a great way for businesses to reach personally and emotionally on tablets, smartphones and computers at all times.


Social media is a double-edged sword.  When a consumer comments on your business’ Facebook page, asks you a question on Twitter or emails you, then they expect a fast response. Your business must deliver at the sake of hurting their image as a prevalent business.


Leverage the Data


It is now possible to analyze real-time data, such as “retweets” and “likes” and use it to evaluate information at an astounding rate. By doing so, you can find your business’ place in the conversation and stay culturally relevant. For instance, “If you’re selling autos, you might be tracking how many times you generate a test drive in a dealership,” remarks Jay Palter, a content marketing strategist and personal brand. Read more here.



Gaining followers, friends and “likes” is only important in the long run if it somehow affects your business’ ROI. We can now see how people got to a website and what they went on to do online afterwards. If we can quantify that, then we can we can measure it against our goals. The key is to develop a clear social media campaign with specific objectives, maintain an online presence and target your actions according to the results!

#Facebookhashtags #arehere

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Facebook announced the start of Hashtags on their social network site, as Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest have done.  Hashtags are used to search specific topics of interest. You can now improve content to a post or show that it is part of a common topic. As Facebook states, “Hashtags are just the first step to help people more easily discover what others are saying about a specific topic and participate in public conversations.”


How to #hashtag


Brainstorm 3-5 keywords as your hashtag focus. Find out what the majority of people are searching for and terms that have low competition in order to heighten your company’s relative rankings. Hashtags should remain consistent throughout all social media networks. They should be top-of-mind keywords related to what people are currently searching. For example, if you own an Italian restaurant in Houston, Texas with amazing lasagna you might enter: #Italian #Houston #lasagna.


If There Is a Will There Is A Way


Big brands are already well established online and receive positive reactions from their Facebook supporters. What about small businesses? What are the deciding factors in small business’ success using hashtags on social media sites? More importantly, why should your small business spend valuable time posting hashtags on Facebook?


Prove It


An impressive example of the enormous success of hashtags is The White House. President Obama launched “What does #40dollars mean to you?” in 2011 when the payroll tax cut was about to expire. The tremendous reaction of the public assisted in securing a two-month extension to the cuts. In February 2012, the movement was rejuvenated and produced enough public backing to secure the cuts for the rest of 2012.


Open to Interpretation


Hashtags can assist you in discovering what people think about a specific topic. This will benefit your business by allowing you to uncover more about consumers’ interests and how you can relate your products and services to them.

Tacos can be Messy and so can Social Media

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The Incident


These employees really took the company’s old slogan, “Think Outside the Bun,” to a whole new level! Recently, two Taco Bell employees thought it was humorous to post a photo of one of them licking a stack of taco shells and posted it on Facebook, via username “Jj O’Brian Nolan” and Reddit.


That’s the Way the Taco Crumbles


The general public response was not as hilarious as these employees expected. Instead, social media users began to question the cleanliness of Taco Bell’s food and facilities, well if they weren’t already. However, some social media users did enjoy the photo so much that it was continuously reposted and “tagged” as Taco Bell. Digg users created a list of the “Top Five Reasons Taco Bell Might Actually Be More Dangerous Than MTV’s Skins.”


Picking Up the Mess


Taco Bell responded with an official statement mentioning, along with all the standard company regulations and policies, “Our first question was, were the taco shells served to customers?  In short, absolutely not.” The company has extended its aggressive public relations fight back, responding via Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. The Facebook photo received over 900 “Likes”, however the comments were not so positive.


It has been suggested that Taco Bell’s error was in hiring the type of employees that would find humor in doing something like this. According to USA Today, “Unhappy fast-food employees will do disgusting things to the food they sell.” Only time will tell the ideal methods by which to navigate the complexities of social media from a brand image perspective.

Evernote: the Evermore Promisor

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mzl.ypzqpzuoWhen used correctly, Evernote, will make sure you don’t forget anything ever and, the best part, it’s free. If you are unfamiliar with Evernote, it is a free app that captures anything, anywhere and is easily shared and searchable. In fact, it has grown in five years to 50 million users. You will never want to take notes by hand again.


Evernote allows you to create “notebooks”, save “notes” within notebooks, collect images, videos, links, voice recordings, and even handwritten scribbles. This note-taking app saves websites you want to remember to check out later and share meeting notes with the entire office or specific individuals. Evernote mobile allows you to grab Web pages for later with Dolphin: Evernote at no charge or pay a little and get EverWebClipper, which offers more flexibility in what you can grab. Evernote sinks the content with all your devices, so you will have access to your notes at all times.


Once you build up a large database on Evernote, the search capabilities will become very useful. There are also extended search capabilities, which allow you to focus on specific search terms. Once, you familiarize yourself with the basic version of Evernote you may want to upgrade to the Evernote Business version.


Evernote Hello has the ability to create new Hello Contacts simply by scanning their business card. The potential is limitless with Evernote. Before Evernote we felt we were forgetting evermore, but this happens to us nevermore.