Forming Online Relationships

Posted on November 20th, 2013 by Skye-Lynn Ferch Categories Blog

Forming Online Relationships

Making working/professional relationships can be difficult for some businesses and others it comes a little bit easier. Nowadays, companies not only need to make the connection in person, but also via the Internet through their social media outlets.


Social Media


Organizations are building strong social relationships by knowing their business from the inside out in order to be able to reach their targeted audiences. In addition to knowing your business, know your customers and the target group that you are trying to connect too.  A smart thing to do is to use the information that users are posting to get an insight on what type of topics your company should post on your social media sites.  When speaking on topics, you want to make sure to remind your audience that you’re an expert in the field so share related material.


Remember to engage with your followers in two-way symmetrical conversations.  It allows your audience to know that you are listening, paying attention and value their presence verses just using social media as another marketing and advertising outlet. Ask for feedback and most importantly listen to that feedback and respond.


Reach out to others within your industry to follow or ‘like’ and share postings or retweet their tweets. Remember to post with purpose and meaning! Sending out nonsense will eventually lose you followers and creditability. Be passionate! Users can tell if you are passionate about your industry and those it serves.




Company’s blogs are another way to maintain strong online relationships built through social media with pre-existing and new customers and even with other businesses. Business blogs also build credibility and trust.


Blogs give a voice to businesses allowing them to express their thoughts on topics and issues that are important to the company. In addition companies can show that they can be humanizing while remaining true to its mission and purpose. Keep in mind once your organization starts a blog it’s crucial to maintain the blog.


Engage daily with your social media followers to start building relationships. Take the first step, strike up a conversation by asking a question and the connection grows from there.

Holiday Marketing

Posted on November 13th, 2013 by Skye-Lynn Ferch Categories Advertising

Holiday Marketing

The holidays are here and marketing is spreading the cheer. Everywhere you look during the holidays, businesses get into the spirit and change up their traditional marketing to a more spirited campaign. Here are a few tips to follow to get you through the festivities.


Prepare your website

If you sell popular items on your website, prepare the system for the heavy traffic flow that is to come. The last thing you want is for your site to crash! Test your website often leading up to your big-rush sales.


Log onto social media

Use social media to get your items out there. People will be surfing on sites like Pinterest looking for the perfect gift. Here is a list of ways to get your social media ready for the holidays.


Offer perks

‘Tis the Season for sales and free shipping! Nothing excites customers more than scoring a great deal. The holidays are the perfect time to roll out a discount campaign to get business in the door. Run a social media campaign where your customers can win a gift card. Be creative with the promotion, make it  fun and interactive, your customers will enjoy!


Spread the cheer

If your company is giving back this year, let your customers know about your gift of giving. If it is something they are also passionate about, it is possible they will spread the news of what you’re doing. There is no better marketing than word of mouth. If you’re donating to a local toy drive, such as Toys for Tots, let them know the locations so they can donate too.


Be on time

When strategizing for your promotions, go simple and stick with the holidays occurring at the present time. People like to enjoy the celebrations and stretch the holidays as long as possible.


Remember that not everything has to change; your usual methods of marketing will still work. But by adding a little holiday cheer, you will ensure your customers get into the spirit.



Event Planning

Posted on November 6th, 2013 by Skye-Lynn Ferch Categories Blog

Event Planning

Who doesn’t love attending an event? Attending is the fun and easiest part of an event. Planning can be a little more challenging for the host if you’re not prepared and keep up with what and when things need to be done.

The first thing that needs to be done is find out how many guests will be attending and when the event will take place. This will help determine what venues are available to hold your projected attendees.


The next important task is securing food & beverage. If you’re planning an event with a non-profit organization and they need assistance with getting food & beverage donated it is crucial to start calling vendors no later than 75 days before the event. This is also the same time frame used for booking and planning the entertainment.


Creating awareness for your event is a big steppingstone for it to be successful.  Start building online excitement with: save the dates, creating an online event page, sending out email blasts to attendees and make social media posts about your upcoming event.


In addition to online awareness it is just as important to send out traditional invitations, save the dates and press kits to the media that you would like to attend and cover your event. Typically these are sent out three weeks before the event! Traditional media coverage is important, but forget about online bloggers! Personally invite bloggers; they may post about it on their blog.


Finally, parting gifts are a good thing to have prepared for guests.  Swag bags, giveaways or small gifts are great way to continue awareness after the event is over.  Check out the swag bags that were created for our client, Eye Elegance’s recent event.


Following this timeline can help take the stress and chaos out of planning any event. However, if you’re seeking that personalized touch or to plan your next function The REFUGE Group is the perfect event planner for any occasion.