Pinterest and Marketing

Posted on April 17th, 2014 by Skye-Lynn Ferch Categories Marketing

Many have heard about Pinterest, but what may not be clear about the social media site is that it is actually a great resource and tool for marketing, especially with smaller businesses. Pinterest is essentially a virtual pin board that allows the user to share pictures and ideas for others to share and spread to their followers, which is why it can be a very helpful tool to small business.


Make your brand stand out and viewable

– Take pictures of products and projects to show and demonstrate what it is exactly that separates your business from others. Hiring professional photographers could also be a great idea to make your images even more appealing to Pinterest users.


Know your target audiences

–  Knowing whom to approach on Pinterest can make all the difference in marketing your company/brand.  You want to build a relationship with your followers/fans and give them more pins than just what you sell/have done; you can do this by creating boards that appeal to your audience’s other interests. So if you are representing a window and siding company you may want to create board that have windows and siding but also have other boards including dream houses, recipes, and more.


Direct traffic to your website

– Yes Pinterest is a good marketing tool, but be sure that you are also attaching your brand to the posts as well. Put comments that connect dots between your product/projects and the followers’ other interests. Also put a link to your website in the comments of the pin so people will take a look.



– Remember that Pinterest is still social media, so you want to engage your fans/followers still just like you would on Twitter. Following people who follow you is one way to engage them, but also re-pinning their posts and/or commenting on them is also going to get you a long way with them and build a relationship.


By posting pictures of work that a small business has done and posting it for others to see and share, Pinterest becomes a marketing tool that increases brand recognition, website traffic, and sales.

The 5 Twitter Accounts Every PR Student Should Follow & Why

Posted on April 9th, 2014 by Skye-Lynn Ferch Categories Blog

As a public relations or marketing student you should start getting familiar with different social media avenues that will be able to help you land internships, jobs, and also help you garner attention. Twitter is a vastly growing social media outlet that is now one of the most important tools a student can use to begin their career. This post will go over five people, organizations, and other accounts you should follow on twitter and why.


1. The Company You Are Interested In and/or Applying To

It is extremely important in this career field to be following the company you want to work with or have an internship with for multiple reasons. Firstly, it allows you to get a heads up if a position is available with the company/organization. More importantly, if you apply for a position and you are not following the company/organization and they notice, it throws a red flag that you may not be that interested in that company; as opposed to other applicants. Usually the company would prefer someone who wants their company just as bad as the company wants them.


2. @PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) & @PRSA (Public Relations Society of America)

These are extremely important for you to follow for internship and job opportunities. You have to be a member to access their websites, but they will post on twitter different opportunities as well. Plus, it gives you the ability to see what’s out there without having to be a member (although, being a member is extremely beneficial due to the amount of positions you can see through out the country.)


3. @PRNews

PR News is a great tool for not just students, but also for individuals already in the field. Not only do they post about positions available, but they also give updates to different aspects of what’s going on in the field in addition to tips that will help you with things such as press releases.


4. Local News Outlets

Following the local news teams around you gives you access to breaking news as it occurs which can help you stay informed on what is going on so you are continuously in the loop of what is going on around your area.


5. Members of the PRSSA Chapter at Your School

This may not seem like an obvious choice as they are just students, how can they help you out? Well, a lot of times they will get/have an internship or job and when that company needs more help they ask their interns to try and find someone. This is why they are important to follow, because they give you the ability to find positions that the general public may not know about.


Following these 5 different accounts will really give any PR student a head start in their field and will also help with development while still in school. Remember, Twitter is constantly growing, so keep an eye out for other accounts to follow as well, but having these 5 will definitely help any PR student!

Introducing Chad Heller

Posted on April 2nd, 2014 by Skye-Lynn Ferch Categories Blog

Photo of Chad Chad Heller is our newest intern at The REFUGE Group. He is a junior at University of Houston, majoring in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations. Before attending U of H, he went to school in both Austin and Galveston.


Chad hopes this internship will help him gain experience, as well as open other doors for more opportunities. His first social media account was Xanga and since then he has grown to love the amount of information you can find using these outlets.
In his free time he is learning how to play the piano again. He would also like to learn how to play guitar. His favorite artist is Demi Lovato because her music is consistent, she’s kind and her shows are amazing!
We are excited to have Chad as a summer intern! Welcome to REFUGE!