Closer Look: Apple’s Marketing Strategy

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Website Contact Page ConceptApple made a press release yesterday announcing that they have updated the 13 and 15-inch notebooks, which is great news to say the least. These improvements include more battery life and better performance. Apple has also increased the memory of the 13-inch notebook to 8 GB from 4 GB and from 8GB to 16GB on the 15-inch notebook – that is double the memory!


With the new announcement from Apple on the recent updates, we have decided to take a deeper look at Apple’s marketing and how they manage to juggle everything. Let’s go through some of the factors that make Apple so good:


Apple has a very strong foundation, which was established in 1977 by Mike Markkula whom was both an advisor and investor in the company. Mike decided that there were 3 points for marketing that would make Apple very successful down the line. These included: empathy, focus and impute. Mark believed that with these 3 things he could take Apple’s marketing superior to the rest of the industry.


Apple has proven themselves as experts at thinking outside the box. Targeting the innovators, artistic, educational and design-oriented businesses instead of simply going after the big dogs in the business industry is Apple’s way of making a point to show that they are different. Apple has made their products simple and functional consequently making it easier for their customers to work, which brings in one of Mark’s principles: empathy. Having empathy in marketing means truly understanding what the customer needs and in order to be successful you have to out-do every other company at this.


Apple has created a “brand mote” by excluding other company brands from Apple stores. Having a brand mote gives Apple the ability to impute the best representation of their brand. They make their store environment and product experience unlike any other thereby putting another one of Mark’s principles into action. Apple employees make a point to be there to help and guide the customers from the moment they walk through the door to the moment they are signing the receipt by explaining products, introducing them to the latest and greatest as well as the older models, telling them where to go for technological assistance and adding value of the product by making it impossible for the customer to envision their life without it.  The aesthetics of the store aren’t something that needs to be shown, but instead something that needs to be taken in.


More than anything, Apple has focus. The company eliminates all distractions and does what they do best. They did not try to make another PC identical to Microsoft, but instead took a different approach by reaching out to the  “left-brainers”, made their product simple and, more than anything, made their marketing simple as well. Realizing that flashy and loud advertising was not working the way it used to and simplifying everything about themselves put Apple in a different pool than the rest.


Take a look at your business’s marketing plan. Does it exclude the clutter? Is it offering the RIGHT information for the company?  Remember, the key to modern marketing is simplicity.

Movie Marketing: A Lesson From the Best

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Movie NightWhat does it take for a film to earn the title of “summer blockbuster?” Well, some factors are a given, like having a big celebrity cast and a good script, but wait, there’s more! How a film is marketed can have a huge impact on how profitable it is in the box office. Now we’re going to look at 3 of this summer’s biggest blockbusters marketing campaigns:



Angelina Jolie is one of the biggest celebrities in the world, and according to, her last on-screen performance was in 2010 with The Tourist, so of course there is going to be buzz surrounding her return to Hollywood. Apparently it was only good buzz, as Maleficent grossed $69.4 million opening weekend, earning the number one spot ( In fact, the marketing strategy Maleficent used was to tell the audience that they weren’t coming to see a Disney movie with a celebrity, but to see Angelina Jolie AS a Disney character. Disney put all the emphasis on the actress, as seen here in the film’s first trailer:  Of course, Jolie did plenty of press junkets and interviews as well. The actress also brought her entire family to a few of the film’s premieres, which is rare for her. Some unique marketing for the film came on the red carpet, as Elle Fanning and Angelina Jolie dressed to reflect their characters. Fanning stuck to wearing soft, whimsical outfits; while Jolie wore darker colors, leather, spiked jewelry, and even heels with fake blood dripping down the back (


22 Jump Street

This comedy had great reviews; in fact Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a 85%. However, where the film really shined was at the box office where it grossed $57.1 million in its opening weekend ( The film wanted audiences to expect pure comedic gold in theaters, so it realeased movie trailers and a spoof video featuring Channing Tatum (watch that video here: . The film set the audience’s bar high and delivered. One key to 22 Jump Street’s success was that it was marketed equally to both men and women, making it a “man’s action-comedy” and a suitable “date movie” ( In addition, it did not hurt that within the two years after 21 Jump Street premiered, the two leading men, Johan Hill and Channing Tatum, experienced quite a rise in fame.


Fault in Our Stars

This book-turned-movie earned a lot of attention from the female market, but who’s really surprised? Afterall, the film’s leading lady, Shailene Woodley, is taking Hollywood by storm. Fault In Our Stars opened at number one, grossing $48 million dollars ( .  The dramatic film quickly became all-the-buzz in social media, with the goal of making fans feel involved. The author of the novel the film was based on, John Green, even tweeted about the movie (! Other platforms the movie took over were Facebook and Instagram. It’s no secret that Fault In Our Stars was targeted at a young, female audience and it looks like the film’s marketing hit a bullseye.


Other movies that are set up to do well at the box office this summer are Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes, Hercules, and Guardians of the Galaxy.


The Secrets to the Successes of Texans’ Marketing

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Screen shot 2014-07-09 at 12.07.04 PMNo matter where you turn in Houston, you’re sure to see Texans memorabilia. By simply typing the word “Texans” into the Facebook search box you will find that countless pages dedicated to the Houston football team pop up.  The team has truly built a name for themselves, not just in Texas, but across the country as well.  While they’re by no means the top team in the NFL, their logo alone is enough to garner enthusiastic squeals from fans.  Even those who aren’t fans can easily recognize the Texans logo.


So what is it about this team that makes them, particularly their logo, so iconic?  One word: Marketing.  The Texans have done a fantastic job marketing themselves to the general public.  They’ve done a lot of hard work to polish their image and strengthen their brand power. If the Texans logo is on a product then there is a guarantee that someone will buy it. There are many Houstonians that can say that they are guilty of buying almost anything that has the team’s logo plastered all over it.  Win or lose, the team will always have very a special place in Houston’s heart.


All that being said, here are a few of the pointers we can take from the team’s impressive marketing strategy:


1) Reach out to fans!  This is a marketing strategy that is absolutely necessary if a company wants to expand their fan base.  Make the fans, or clients in a business situation, feel important.  Make them feel like they are a part of something bigger.  The Texans are constantly shifting the focus from the team to their craziest and most loyal fans.  They put a lot of effort into making their fans feel special.


2) Go behind the scenes!  Aside from focusing on the fans, the Texans also shine the spotlight on the individual players on the team as well as the sidelines crew.  By doing so, they are putting a face on their brand.  They want their audience to feel like they personally know the people behind their iconic logo.  Companies should strive to do the same, whether that means introducing customers to their employees or posting pictures of the manufacturing process behind their products.  Customers want to feel connected just as much as they want to feel special.


3) Promote!  The Texans aren’t shy about hosting fundraisers or sponsoring various charities.  From their “Running of the Bulls” 5K to their sponsorship of the Houston Food Bank, the team knows how to market themselves in meaningful ways.  Successful companies do the same because they understand the inherent value of this type of marketing as well as the value of giving back to the community.  Nothing promotes and polishes the image of a company more than giving back.

Holiday Marketing

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Holiday Marketing


Holidays are major players when it comes to marketing. Typically, there are big sales that are associated with each holiday that provides marketers with the opportunity to up their game in order to avoid getting caught in the shuffle.

Firework display over downtown Houston
Firework display over downtown Houston


We have compiled a list of the best tips and tricks to make your campaign stand apart from the rest.


Use What Makes You Different


When it comes to marketing, unless you are a major corporation, competing with the Coca Colas of the world is going to be a hard feat. We suggest focusing on marketing your niche products to a highly targeted audience. This will eliminate spending your marketing budget on reaching people who will not give you the ROI you need. Targeting your audience will help you create a detailed campaign that will result in leads and sales.


If you’re a smaller company, emphasize that each of your customers will get a unique shopping experience with exceptional customer service. When they come to your business, they are an individual and not just another number.


Promote, Promote, Promote!


During any holiday, people are being flooded with an astounding amount of information. They’re getting emails, advertisements and announcements in their inbox and on their newsfeed. If you want to reach them, you must promote your sale or special as often as possible.


Social media is a great tool that you can use to promote any sale, and most of the features are free. Change your Facebook or Twitter profile covers with an interesting graphic that will show off the sale. You can also create Facebook events and use a hashtag campaign to connect with other users!


Track Your Efforts


Make sure all of your marketing efforts are traceable! The goal of any marketing campaign is to be able to see which of your efforts work and filter out the ones that do not for your next year’s campaign.


Holiday marketing can be a great tool for success if you focus on your company’s individuality, promote through your online and traditional platforms, and track results!