YouTube Unplugged: The Future of Television and live Streaming?

Posted on May 25th, 2016 by REFUGE Categories Blog

By Vlad Vidaeff
As of late, it seems like everyone is trying to establish itself as a potential player in live streaming and the future of television.  Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Amazon, and now Google are just a sample of some of the larger players who have begun to make moves.  As millennials have made it clear that they see no value in paying for cable television when they are only interested in watching a handful of channels, media companies have become more flexible in considering new solutions to attract this generation of consumers.  This blog will discuss YouTube Unplugged, Google’s attempt to target this valuable consumer base. (more…)

Twitter’s new Connect tab: Improving the Chances of Finding the Accounts you want to Follow

Posted on May 18th, 2016 by REFUGE Categories Blog

By Vlad Vidaeff
Twitter has been a prime focus of our weekly blog due to the frequency of new features that the social media network has introduced over the past couple months.  Some new features were only discussed, such as eliminating the 140-character limit, while others have been finalized, such as Twitter’s deal with the NFL to live stream Thursday night football games.  This blog will discuss another new feature that was recently implemented by Twitter, the Connect tab. (more…)

The REFUGE Group’s Social Media Services

Posted on May 11th, 2016 by REFUGE Categories Advertising

By Vlad Vidaeff
Do you not have the time to maintain active social media profiles?  Are you overwhelmed by the seemingly endless list of social media platforms?  Are you unsure about how to tailor your content to each platform and how to increase your following as well as the effectiveness of your posts?  The REFUGE Group offers advanced social media services customized to your specific business.  This blog will explore some of REFUGE’s offerings which fall under the social media umbrella. (more…)

Facebook bots: The Greatest Thing Since Apple’s App Store or an Annoying Disaster Waiting to Happen?

Posted on May 4th, 2016 by REFUGE Categories Artificial Intelligence

By Vlad Vidaeff
For the generation that grew up with AOL Instant Messenger, you are likely already familiar with bots.  In an era where boredom as a child was a common occurrence (something that has disappeared these days with advancements in technology and limitless entertainment options), “IM’ing” your friends was a popular activity for children and teens.  In addition to your real friends, there were several bots you could chat with such as SmarterChild.  While they were not especially useful in any way, bots were a way to pass the time.  Most of us would make fun of bots by insulting them or making ridiculous statements to see how they would react.  Fast forward to 2016.  Bots are being lauded as the next big thing.  In fact, at Facebook’s recent F8 developer conference, the social media giant announced bots for Messenger.  This blog will explore Facebook’s attempt to become the leader in bots, the benefits for brands, and whether consumers will likely adopt the service. (more…)