About Us

Your Partner in Growth!


REFUGE Marketing works with you and for you to achieve your organization’s goals. We review every aspect of your business to determine what has been working and what we can improve.

We take a careful, disciplined approach to understanding your needs and the needs of your consumer. We plan, create, implement and measure – in that order – to develop a marketing strategy that will establish an emotional connection with them.

The end result of this strategic process is a marketing and advertising campaign that is believable, relevant, unique and motivating. In other words: “work that works”.


REFUGE was created with one vision in mind, to create marketing and communications strategies that grow our client’s business and meet or exceed their goals.  We make marketing your company our priority.  That way that you can focus on what you do best, running your business.  With the ever-growing list of marketing outlets, it is impossible to know the potential benefits and pitfalls of them while focusing on running your business.  Our leadership team and talented crew of marketing communications experts are here to provide you with that knowledge and plan the best way to implement it for your goals.  We are your REFUGE against the marketing storm and your partners on the course to success.   

Along with traditional media services, we integrate social media management, web design, hosting and development, and e-marketing strategies into our marketing and advertising services.

We foster extraordinarily close relationships with our clients. We view each client as a partner. We guide you in your marketing and advertising plan, every step of the way.

You name it. We do it well.