The REFUGE Group’s E-Mail Marketing Services

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E-mail marketing is an essential part of the marketer’s toolbox.  Whether you are B2B or B2C, newsletters and promotional e-mails are a great way to connect with customers and consumers as well as to highlight your products and services.  This blog will analyze the breadth of e-mail marketing services that The REFUGE Group provides. (more…)

REFUGE Summer Internship Program 2016

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The REFUGE Group is excited to introduce our terrific Digital Marketing Interns: Giselle Cartagena, Tiffany Huynh, and Brandon Palmer!  The summer internship team, affectionately known as the Terrific Trio, has focused on various areas of marketing including social media, analytics, blogs, and other aspects of digital marketing.  The team has also participated in training sessions, client meetings, and webinars regarding topics such as mobile marketing and social media.  Vlad Vidaeff, REFUGE’s Social Media Manager, stated: “the diversity of experiences that our summer internship team has brought to REFUGE has created such an enriching team dynamic.  We have been working hard but also having a blast while we’re at it!” (more…)

The REFUGE Group’s Blog Services

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By Vlad Vidaeff
Content creation is an increasingly important part of the marketer’s toolbox.  Whether it’s social media, e-mail marketing, or blogs, consumers have come to expect visually appealing and substantive content.  This blog will analyze the breadth of blog services that The REFUGE Group provides. (more…)

The REFUGE Group’s Social Media Services

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By Vlad Vidaeff
Do you not have the time to maintain active social media profiles?  Are you overwhelmed by the seemingly endless list of social media platforms?  Are you unsure about how to tailor your content to each platform and how to increase your following as well as the effectiveness of your posts?  The REFUGE Group offers advanced social media services customized to your specific business.  This blog will explore some of REFUGE’s offerings which fall under the social media umbrella. (more…)

The REFUGE Group’s New Social Media Manager

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The REFUGE Group is proud to introduce our new Social Media Manager: Vlad Vidaeff. Vlad was born in New York.  After moving around quite a bit growing up, he spent most of his childhood in Boston before moving to Houston in 8th grade. He attended Pearland High School and subsequently pursued his undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan.  Vlad continued his education by attending the JD/MBA program at Wake Forest University.  During his studies, he held several marketing internships at major corporations and advertising agencies including Walgreens, VF Corporation, Novant Health, Landor Associates, and Inmar. (more…)

Jordan Suresky: A Life-Long Cultural Journal

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My cultural journey began in Atlanta, GA where I grew up. Profile Photo of Jordan SureskyAlthough, I grew up in this city for all of my childhood before moving on to South Florida for undergraduate degree at Lynn University. I also have grown to have an international perspective on most topics. This is because I attended an international school during throughout all of high school. Here, I was surrounded by an abundance of students who were from a different country or at least lived in one before coming here. It was the best environment for me as I now have friends in several countries that I can visit whenever I want.


I would say that because I attended an international school, it has attributed to my never-ending curiosity to travel to unique places throughout the world. Two of the most impactful excursions I took included a trip to to Thailand to visit one of my classmates family in Bangkok. I learned many cultural attributes firsthand by staying with a family versus in a hotel and experienced amazing Thai food from the house.


Petting a Kangaroo near Sydney.
Hanging out with a Kangaroo

The 2nd trip that I always look back on is my semester abroad in Australia. This was a unique experience in the sense that it challenged me to go outside of my comfort zone as I would be both studying as well as living in a different landscape for 6 months. The challenge was worth it as it allowed me to discover such a vast and animal-filled landscape.  The most interesting part of my term abroad was the two weeks. I arrived in Cairns for an introductory week at the Great Barrier Reef region in the tropical northeast of the country. It was supposed to be a week of introductions with the other study abroad students and learning cultural norms of Australia. However, things were quickly halted as Cairns was about to be the epicenter of Tropical Cyclone Yasi. This cyclone was about equivalent of a category 4-5 hurricane barreling in a westerly direction. The airport was closed and we were forced to go via bus all the way to Rockhampton, a regional town in Queensland some 16 hours south. The news from the radio was grim and there was a constant white-noise of winds to listen as a soundtrack. Thankfully, we made it to a motor-lodge in Rocky as the locals refer to it. We beat out the Cyclone that ultimately did not cause casualties.


Both of these experiences have inspired me to pursue a career in both marketing and/or the tourism fields, or ideally both. For me it is the best way to articulate experiences of trips to different destinations throughout the world.


Currently I am in my last-term of my master’s program at University of Houston’s Conrad Hilton College. There, I am also writing my professional paper on how Mobile-Commerce is impacting the airline and aviation industry.


What I hope to gain out of this experience at the Refuge Group is more practical experience with marketing tools and becoming more comftorbale using all Social Media Platforms. These channels are becoming more crucial for businesses to gain an audience than ever before. I also would like to apply some key skills such as brand activation, brand marketing, global brand strategy and other related skills needed in this vastly competitive job market.


Above the Thames
Taking a Break from Exploring London.

After I finish my master’s degree I hope to continue my career with a tourism related marketing organization such as Expedia or in a Corporate Travel Management role with a company such as Coca-Cola.

Event Planning

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Event Planning

Who doesn’t love attending an event? Attending is the fun and easiest part of an event. Planning can be a little more challenging for the host if you’re not prepared and keep up with what and when things need to be done.

The first thing that needs to be done is find out how many guests will be attending and when the event will take place. This will help determine what venues are available to hold your projected attendees.


The next important task is securing food & beverage. If you’re planning an event with a non-profit organization and they need assistance with getting food & beverage donated it is crucial to start calling vendors no later than 75 days before the event. This is also the same time frame used for booking and planning the entertainment.


Creating awareness for your event is a big steppingstone for it to be successful.  Start building online excitement with: save the dates, creating an online event page, sending out email blasts to attendees and make social media posts about your upcoming event.


In addition to online awareness it is just as important to send out traditional invitations, save the dates and press kits to the media that you would like to attend and cover your event. Typically these are sent out three weeks before the event! Traditional media coverage is important, but forget about online bloggers! Personally invite bloggers; they may post about it on their blog.


Finally, parting gifts are a good thing to have prepared for guests.  Swag bags, giveaways or small gifts are great way to continue awareness after the event is over.  Check out the swag bags that were created for our client, Eye Elegance’s recent event.


Following this timeline can help take the stress and chaos out of planning any event. However, if you’re seeking that personalized touch or to plan your next function The REFUGE Group is the perfect event planner for any occasion.

Intern Spotlight: Stephanie Laucho

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Stephanie Laucho has been a wonderful addition to The REFUGE Group team over the past couple of months. Consistently improving and putting forth her best effort on a daily basis, Stephanie was determined to learn as much as possible.

Social Media Super Hero


Stephanie Laucho

Our clients’ social media pages felt the impact of Stephanie’s superb work while at The REFUGE Group. We quickly noticed increased engagement and new fans and followers once she learned the ropes. Once she learned what is appropriate to post, what prompts engagement and the idiosyncrasies between posting on different social media sites she soared higher and higher. Engagement increased on many of our clients’ social media sites under Stephanie’s command.


Analyzing Reports


Stephanie began to appreciate the usefulness of report analysis from the start. She learned that reports should be created and analyzed on a weekly basis in order to determine what type of posts tend to increase engagement and which ones do not. It is also a way to conduct marketing research because you have an idea of who is your audience. As Stephanie analyzed these weekly and monthly reports, she altered her posts accordingly, which as noted earlier, were a great success.




Over time, Stephanie learned how to write in the casual writing style used in a blog and support her thoughts with credible sources, often with the use of hyperlinks. The complexity of her writing also improved as she discovered words to avoid and began to treasure the thesaurus as many bloggers do, myself included.


We will certainly miss having Stephanie as part of the team and appreciate all the hard work she did during her summer internship. We wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors and hope she keeps in touch.

Lead Generation

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Finding leads is manageable, but peaking their interest and maintaining it in regard to your brand proves to be a challenge. Today, buyers have the ability to do their own research before deciding what they want to purchase. With the popularity of the Internet, their resources are unlimited. A new generation of consumers means that businesses need to be increasingly innovative and unique through their online presence in order to find customers that will see the value in your products and/or services.


The new era of educated consumers can actually benefit your business given the right exposure. The question becomes, how do you make your business stand out with a sea of competitors?


Make the Customer Aware


Building and maintaining an easy-to-use website that spurs consumer interaction should be priority number one. Consumers decide whether they want to invest in your business by browsing a web page, meaning this is an opportunity to convert casual Internet browsers to leads. Excite the audience by offering coupons, appealing information, and creative layout. Remember, the purpose is for the target market to become a customer, and a repeat customer at that.


Strategically Advertise


It is important that you place advertisements where maximum exposure is guaranteed. Websites related to your product, or pages that you think potential leads would spend time on are ideal for ad placement. Social media and blogs will also allow you attract the right audience. Selecting the right medium for advertising is crucial when building brand awareness.


Events Expand Exposure


Hosting events is an important part of acquiring leads. They afford you the opportunity to establish personal connections with potential customers that might have been overlooked through website and advertising. Compelling people to attend an event can be done via social media or local media websites like


Moving  leads through the sales cycle can be achieved by effectively managing those possible clients.  Using websites, strategically advertising and hosting events are other tools to attract and retain potential customers. To learn more about this click here.


Increase Online Interest in Your Small Business

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Websites are a dominant marketing tool in business in recent years compared to the 1990’s due to an increase in new businesses and the increased Internet usage by consumers, according to Creative Market. Most businesses create a website to expose their products, engage with consumers and create awareness. As a result, one of the maincomponents on which businesses compete is achieving the most website traffic. But this is not as easy as it sounds when there are a lot of competitors doing the same thing.


Attention-grabber websites are ones that study their target market and know the optimal tools to attract old and new customers. In order to achieve this there are a number of ways to market your website and increase traffic.


Create a Social Media Presence


Social media rapidly changed the world in terms of the way in which we communicate with each other. It is one of the most effective tools to achieve engagement with new or existing followers. The strategic use of social media is essential for your business’ image. In order to bring in new customers, increase sales and provide a customer-business relationship it is important to engage the public by sharing interesting and exciting content. How? It is not easy. Businesses need to encourage people to talk about their content and interact with it to create a sense of loyalty. People like to be involved in discussions that are relevant to their products and services. One of the main purposes is to let your audience know that you care about their wants and needs. Engaging your fans with your brand through rewards, offers or creative fan-initiatives are a few of the successful ways in which your business can create better communication with consumers. For further information click here.


Advertise Worldwide with Google


Google ads help your business to increase sales, leads and new customers. A powerful tool that helps businesses gain exposure. Google Adwords runs advertisements that show up at the top of search results related to your target market. Make sure you have your website prepared to encourage engagement. Finding the right keywords is the key to success. Google’s keyword tool will help you find the most popular keywords and the keywords your competition is using.


Don’t Forget to Test


Even though these tools work well, businesses should test their progress. This way you will know what activities are successful with your target market.