The Benefits of Google Hangouts for your Business

Posted on December 2nd, 2015 by REFUGE Categories Blog

By Vlad Vidaeff
I have been a big fan of the complete menu of Google apps for the past decade.  In fact, in almost every situation, I prefer Google’s offerings to their main competitor.  Victory to Gmail over Microsoft Outlook.  Thumbs up to Google Maps over Apple Maps.  Cheers to Google Docs over Microsoft Office for group projects.  This blog will explore the benefits of an underrated Google app: Google Hangouts. (more…)

The Insider’s Guide to Webinars

Posted on November 4th, 2015 by REFUGE Categories Blog

By Vlad Vidaeff
I have been a huge supporter of webinars for quite some time.  After graduating with my MBA, I had an advanced understanding of marketing from a theoretical perspective.  However, most of the day-to-day skills that are necessary to be a successful marketer are not taught in business school.  Instead, I gained these skills in large part through on-the-job training.  To accelerate my development, I used webinars to gain exposure in areas where I was lacking.  Case in point, SEO.  I used webinars as a source to gain exposure to SEO.  As the field of marketing continues to change, webinars are a great way to continue learning and sharpening your toolset.   Personal stories out of the way, this blog will serve as your insider’s guide to webinars.  We will give you some practical tips on starting a webinar as well as the many benefits of this medium. (more…)