We make marketing your company our priority. That way you can focus on what you do best, running your business.

We are your REFUGE against the marketing storm and your partner on the course to success.


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As a business owner, it can feel impossible to stay informed on every potential benefit and pitfall of the ever-growing list of marketing demands and still focus on your business. We provide you with that knowledge and a plan forward.

As your partner we create a holistic marketing strategy to grow your business and exceed your goals. We make your marketing our priority so you can focus on what you do best, running your business.



The REFUGE Group was launched in September of 2009 in Houston, Texas. Our unwavering commitment to continually deliver measurable results to our clients is reflected by their loyalty to us and our willingness to share each client’s risks and rewards.

In 2016, Founder & President, Tiffany Tosh, become the sole owner of the company, pivoting our emphasis towards like-minded small businesses. The REFUGE Group became REFUGE Marketing & Consulting, and with a renewed focus, we now center everyday to create an inclusive working environment for our clients and employees. We are a small business ourselves and our passion is helping other small businesses grow!


Tiffany Tosh Founder & President

A Houston native, Tiffany is passionate about her local community and most importantly local businesses. In 2016 she became the sole owner of the REFUGE Group, leading the company’s transition to REFUGE Marketing & Consulting. Tiffany has 25 years of marketing experience with almost 20 of them focusing on Digital Media and Marketing.

Simone DiSalvo Vice President

Simone joined REFUGE Marketing & Consulting in 2017, bringing with her a strong background in business development, customer service and marketing crafted through the various positions she previously held in Major League Soccer and National Women’s Soccer League professional franchises. She thrives on creating bespoke solutions to help small businesses achieve their goals


We connect brand to business with an unwavering focus on the customer. Economic value comes from emotional connection with a brand. When a brand creates preference, it speaks to people. It cuts through the noise, the email, the myriad of marketing messages and says: “Experience me.”

It flies high and makes people want to grab on and come along for the ride. It doesn’t matter if it is a product or a service if it’s B2B or B2C…it still needs to pull, persuade and make people believe in it. That’s precisely what we do.

The style, readability, and ease-of-use of your digital design all have measurable effects on your marketing success. Whether it’s web design, an email campaign, or a digital billboard, a successful design should support marketing efforts and act as an effective brand ambassador. Our award-winning designers create inspired layouts and meaningful content to capture your brand’s message. We ensure that the look of your website is consistent with your brand. Although the websites, emails, and digital campaigns we create are eye-catching and unique, our philosophy is “form follows function.” We remember the essential goal is to enhance the visibility of your brand and increase sales.

We maximize your social media exposure by combing knowledge of the marketplace with targeted management strategies. We customize your social media accounts to the top platforms appropriate to your business. Our team is continually working to make sure you are current and relevant on all of your social media accounts. We develop, manage and moderate your brand’s presence by cultivating new content for your brand daily.

As the social media market continues to expand, social media advertising is now vital. We successfully combine message, medium, and measurement in an integrated approach for you to reach your audience and gauge the value of each interaction. We will determine which method of social media advertising will generate the highest conversion at the best cost.

These days Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are two highly interwoven strategies with the same goal, for you to reach potential customers at the right time with the right information. Content Marketing works because it provides users with valuable educational information that develops brand loyalty. We use your industry ‘know how’ to create amazing SEO-friendly content via blog posts, videos, newsletters, e-books, and other content assets to reach your clearly defined audience.

Using our technical expertise in SEO, we position your company in the forefront of the “search crowd.” We ensure your site ranks high for your industry’s keywords by testing and checking keywords and keyword combinations. Our SEO team and our web developers stay up-to-date on the ever-changing search engine standards. We utilize key analytics to identify highly searched topics to target with future Content Marketing. Our team of SEO experts increases your rankings, maintains your search engine ranking high and generates increasing traffic to your website.

REFUGE Marketing is a full-service advertising agency. Proficient in traditional and interactive media, we design advertising that communicates your brand and draws in your audience. We produce online, social, mobile, print, outdoor, video, broadcast, email and direct mail creative campaigns that clearly transmit sales messages, foster customer loyalty and increase sales. Our team of seasoned advertising specialists works with you every step of the way to ensure your message reaches your target audience. We optimize your media plan to gain sales and marketing leads customized to your business and brand.

We work with you to ensure that your business methods are maximizing profits. Our management experts review and analyze your procedures for marketing, selling, servicing complaints, and more. We offer insightful consulting services and hands-on training options as part of our integrated strategy to grow your business.

Whether you want to begin a new initiative, build momentum or regain previously high levels of revenue generation with the lowest possible risk, a marketing plan can be implemented organization-wide or in a focused area. We work with you to form a specific and comprehensive marketing plan. We track and measure the results of your company’s marketing plan through our analytics program, tailoring it to accommodate your company’s growth and changing needs.






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