Month: July 2011

Media Integration: Why Bother? By REFUGE Team

Posted on July 28th, 2011 Categories: consumer behavior, digital media, Marketing

Direct mail pieces. Email blasts. QR codes. Billboards. Website banner ads. iAds. Blog posts. Facebook pages. Twitter accounts. Google +. Newspaper ads (yes, they’re still being read). If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the myriad of ubiquitous marketing channels to tap into, chances are your audience is in the same boat as you are. Only, they’re on the receiving end of this balancing act. In a time when the list of options is exhaustive (and frankly, exhausting) at what point do the marketing channels find balance on the weighing scale? They really don’t. That they find a tipping point towards a (more…)

Increasing Consumer Engagement By REFUGE Team

Posted on July 20th, 2011 Categories: consumer behavior, Marketing

As consumers, we feel the need to engage with our friends, families, communities and work organizations; not with marketers or brands. We may develop brand loyalty – a concept that is quickly fading as people find more choices for themselves – but as consumers we don’t always make it a point to engage with the CEO of a company to getter a better sense of how they or their companies are doing.   How do we stand apart from ourselves? We’ve profiled the consumer growing with the cutting edge of technology over and over: curators, multi-media savvy individuals who carry the information (more…)

Mobility and Sharing By REFUGE Team

Posted on July 13th, 2011 Categories: consumer behavior, digital media

Mobile adoption isn’t a new trend. Not since the advent of cell phones a decade and a half ago. And in the past few years, mobile technology has propelled itself forward with leaps and bounds, and if you own any kind of a smart phone, then you’re tuned into this change. . The change is stemming from the way people are now consuming their media; if it’s not a pocket screen, then it’s a tablet. But it’s all instantaneous and prêt-a-porter.   The proof is in the numbers pudding, really, especially since advertisers are beginning to realize the potential that (more…)

Interactive Advertising By REFUGE Team

Posted on July 6th, 2011 Categories: digital media, Marketing

A few months ago, we wrote a blog post related digital marketing trends and developing interactive ads. In a short space of time, interactive advertising has become the latest arena for advertisers to step on to.   Lately, interactive ads have come much further along than simple “Likes” on Facebook. “Appvertising” – a term coined loosely for advertising geared for mobile devices – is beginning to take flight. Reason being the opportunity to develop rich, multimedia content that is informative and engaging at the same time.    After all, who doesn’t love an entertaining ad with great images and a (more…)