Month: October 2011

[How To]: Conducting Market Research By REFUGE Team

Posted on October 26th, 2011 Categories: Marketing

Companies have been known to spend a lot of money on market research before launching a product. The flip side of the coin is that they also spend little to no money or time trying to understand their consumer’s needs and wants.   For the start-up entrepreneur with a terrific product idea, market research either may not be a priority or the idea of market research may be too overwhelming with too many venues and options to consider. Little details like research techniques and sifting through data may end up being pushed aside in the interest of product launches.   (more…)

Affecting Social Good with Social Media By REFUGE Team

Posted on October 19th, 2011 Categories: Marketing

With 750 million people worldwide engaged and plugged into social media platforms, non-profit and social good organizations are beginning to see the sun shine down on them in a bigger way than ever before.   Organizations like the United Nations boast well over 500,000 followers on Twitter with significant engagement numbers to bolster their presence on the SM landscape. Perhaps it is a portal where can all just get along. But what’s driving those numbers is worth delving into.   SM Attractions for the Non-Profit World   1. Accessibility for one. Organizations that need to drive their operations through donations (more…)

Effective Lead Generation By REFUGE Team

Posted on October 12th, 2011 Categories: Marketing

We’ve said it before – many times - and we’ll say it again. The most important factor in marketing is the human element. Success, very often, is found in way marketers help people connect with each other by building on the relationships they’ve fostered.   Successful lead generation is no different from conscientious relationship building. In fact, in an economic downturn, where advertisers are constantly met by technology that blocks their aggressive outreach techniques, long-standing relationships can provide a buffer and a competitive edge at the same time.   Inbound Marketing   Over the past decade or so, advancements in (more…)

Marketing Within the New Facebook By REFUGE Team

Posted on October 5th, 2011 Categories: Marketing

Within the past two weeks, Facebook has seen a flurry of rapid changes to its layout and the way people interact. Many people have complained about them, others have been more receptive, but the bottom line is that change is here to stay.   Philosophers and tech gurus would argue that it has always been around, but really, we’re just going to have to adapt to the way Social Media and Marketing are changing within the new parameters.   A few weeks ago, we mentioned a paradigm shift in the way corporations are changing their marketing efforts, regardless of B2B (more…)