Month: November 2011

Making Connections By REFUGE Team

Posted on November 23rd, 2011 Categories: Consumer Engagement

Sure, ROI’s matter. And in the business world, the larger the number, the better we all look on paper. But what about the intangible metrics that matter? Factors like word of mouth “advertising” or measuring the reasons behind higher customerengagement or even humanizing the interaction between a brand and its clientele?                                                          When social media opened its doors to include business pages and accounts, companies fell into a race to attain the highest (more…)

Making QR Codes Work By REFUGE Team

Posted on November 16th, 2011 Categories: Marketing

You saw our last Facebook post. QR Codes are mushrooming out of the woodwork and it seems like every marketer in the interactive media field has jumped on the bandwagon.   QR Codes are still relatively new on the American marketing landscape however, which means that we’re still seeing organizations make costly mistakes in the way they implement their strategies.   Read on to find out what parts of your strategy to tweak to see the results you want.   Test your Code! Perhaps the biggest mistake that marketers can make is not taking the time to test their QR (more…)

Creating a Digital Call to Action By REFUGE Team

Posted on November 9th, 2011 Categories: Marketing

If you’ve ever looked at a web page and felt a little confused, chances are that it’s been poorly designed. With little clarity of message, poor placement of images and buttons and a wall of text to sift through, it’s no surprise that eliciting a response from the audience feels like it might exist legions away.   Creating a compelling digital call to action requires the consideration of quite a few design elements, for instance, the ratio of an accent color to white space. Achieving the right balance can be tricky – even arbitrary in some instances – but practice, (more…)

Search Engine Marketing – The Basics By REFUGE Team

Posted on November 2nd, 2011 Categories: digital media

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is still often found in the murky waters that surround SEO techniques. Because so much of effective SEM involves trialby error learning and constant tweaking to get the desired results, not being able to find the “perfect formula” often becomes very frustrating.   Even further confusion lies in the broad definition that SEM can encompass. Marketing gurus often find themselves divided on whether SEM is an umbrella term that encompasses a broadspectrum of techniques like paid inclusions, paid search, SEO and contextual advertisements or whether it stands separately from SEO.    Definitions notwithstanding, marketers need to (more…)