Month: June 2012

Making UGC Work By REFUGE Team

Posted on June 27th, 2012 Categories: Campaigns, communication, Consumer Engagement, digital media, Marketing, Non-traditional, Social Media, Uncategorized

Does User Generated Content (UGC) work? More specifically, can a campaign reliant on UGC work? We think it can, provided the idea is carried out the right way. The best part about UGC campaigns is the element of risk involved with them; as far as content creation is concerned, UGC campaigns take a little relinquishing of control on the marketers part. Granted, UGC platforms have come under fire for not being professional enough. Remember the great journalism debates over self-publishing on blogs? However, there are distinct advantages to taking this road, especially in terms of the creativity that gets channeled (more…)


Posted on June 20th, 2012 Categories: Branding, communication, Consumer Engagement, Non-traditional, Personality

Imagining this scenario may be difficult for some people, but we believe there’s a lot to be learned from reality T.V. No, really. If you take a moment to dissect what lays behind their overwhelming success, the basic principles don’t stray too far from what generally determines and defines success. Faith in the product, ample amounts of self-confidence and an intimate understanding of human behavior go a long way in creating marketing campaigns that leave strong impressions for a long time. How do we make it happen? If there’s anything Extreme Makeover: Home Edition has shown us, it’s that people (more…)

Making Connections By REFUGE Team

Posted on June 13th, 2012 Categories: Branding, communication, Consumer Engagement, Marketing, Personality

How do you make connections? This may sound like a rhetorical question at the off-set, but when it comes to serving a target market that gets lumped together as a distant demographic, how do people find ways to reach out and connect? We’ve been thinking about this for a while. After all, if marketers can’t find ways to connect with their target markets in earnest, how do they adapt to change and changing interests within their demographics? We’ve thought about this for a while. Really, it’s what we do. And we’ve narrowed our thoughts down to two basics: Listening & (more…)

Building Trust – Virtually By REFUGE Team

Posted on June 7th, 2012 Categories: communication, consumer behavior, Consumer Engagement, Customer Service, Refuge, Social Engagement

We can sometimes lead you into tangents that talk about the warm and the fuzzy aspects of business and communication. We believe that relationships, after they’re established, are to be nurtured if they are ever to grow.   Corporate relationships are not unlike interpersonal relationships – after all, we still deal with human beings at each end of the communication spectrum. And you’d think that virtual communication and relationship building would assume a top- down model by default.   Not particularly. When we’re not all being harassed by spam-bots, the driving force behind virtual communication is still people. And it (more…)