Month: July 2013

Are You Targeting the Right Audience? By REFUGE Team

Posted on July 31st, 2013 Categories: Blog, Branding, communication, Marketing

Building a successful business starts by identifying your target audience.  Targeting everyone will lead to failure, but targeting a specific audience leads your business on the path to victory. Creating a strong presence in the market is key to your business’ growth.  Here are three steps that you should follow to determine your target market.   Demographics  “No problem, no sale,” says Robert L. Jolles in his book titled, Customer Centered Selling. Customers shop if they have unmet needs or problems; even ones of which they are unaware. You must recognize which unmet needs or problems your product or service (more…)

Get Your Brand Message Heard By REFUGE Team

Posted on July 24th, 2013 Categories: Blog, Branding, Personality

It is never too late to learn more about growing your business, especially when it comes to learning how your brand message impacts your consumers. Brand messaging shares a business’ value to consumers with brief, simplified messages about what makes your product or service something they want to buy. Your business’ brand messages can be shared through articles, blogs, advertising, or even social media. Writing with the purpose of communicating the intended brand message can be a challenge, but when done correctly it can be very effective.   Topic with a Purpose   Before you begin writing a brand message, (more…)

How to Succeed on Your Marketing Budget By REFUGE Team

Posted on July 17th, 2013 Categories: Blog, Branding, Campaigns, Facebook, Marketing

Deciding how much money to spend on your marketing plan is essential. Your main goal is to invest in productive marketing strategies that will bring your business the biggest ROI. You need to establish a marketing budget before diving into your business marketing goals for the next year. Having an estimate on how much money your company is willing to spend will help you decide what marketing efforts to use. After creating your estimated budget, then it is necessary to narrow it down to the essentials and what you can realistically afford.   Understand Your Business   Determining if your (more…)

Lead Generation By REFUGE Team

Posted on July 10th, 2013 Categories: Blog, Branding, Campaigns, digital media, Facebook, Marketing, Personality, Refuge

Finding leads is manageable, but peaking their interest and maintaining it in regard to your brand proves to be a challenge. Today, buyers have the ability to do their own research before deciding what they want to purchase. With the popularity of the Internet, their resources are unlimited. A new generation of consumers means that businesses need to be increasingly innovative and unique through their online presence in order to find customers that will see the value in your products and/or services.   The new era of educated consumers can actually benefit your business given the right exposure. The question (more…)

Increase Online Interest in Your Small Business By REFUGE Team

Posted on July 3rd, 2013 Categories: Blog, Branding, Campaigns, Marketing, Refuge

Websites are a dominant marketing tool in business in recent years compared to the 1990’s due to an increase in new businesses and the increased Internet usage by consumers, according to Creative Market. Most businesses create a website to expose their products, engage with consumers and create awareness. As a result, one of the maincomponents on which businesses compete is achieving the most website traffic. But this is not as easy as it sounds when there are a lot of competitors doing the same thing.   Attention-grabber websites are ones that study their target market and know the optimal tools (more…)