Month: January 2014

Ways To Improve Marketing Online By REFUGE Team

Posted on January 22nd, 2014 Categories: Blog, communication

Participate   Getting involved with your customers online, the same way you would as if they were in your store, is a great way to improve your online marketing strategy. It’s not enough to just post statuses on Facebook or tweet about your company’s new and improve product/service.  Retweet one of your followers on Twitter, acknowledge one of your fans on Facebook when they comment on a photo and following someone back when they follow you is great way to show customer appreciation. Interacting with the consumer is a must for 2014.   Dealing with Negative Feedback   There’s is (more…)

Blog For Your Brand By REFUGE Team

Posted on January 15th, 2014 Categories: Blog

Why Should You Blog for Your Brand?   Blogging is an integral part of online marketing. In previous blogs we’ve discussed the relevance of a blog, as well as blogging as a means to form online relationships with customers. Maintaining a blog is important for your brand because it helps customers understand your brand personality and showcases your expertise.   Brand Personality   Aside from social media, there are very few outlets where you can express your brand personality. Websites typically maintain a professional feel and explains what your company does. Adding a blog section to your site will allow (more…)

Marketing Via Social Media By REFUGE Team

Posted on January 9th, 2014 Categories: Blog

Online marketing is such a necessity by today’s standards that it can give any company a great image for using resources such as social media. Entities like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest can greatly benefit a company if the marketers and/or advertisers do it correctly. Honestly, it’s free promotion. What more could a company ask for?    Our entire society depends so heavily on technology and going online that it’s only going to increase as time passes. Marketing through social media is a great way for a company to familiarize itself with its consumers; such as the consumer’s likes and dislikes (more…)

Intern Spotlight: Clinton Lucas By REFUGE Team

Posted on January 2nd, 2014 Categories: Blog, Interns

Happy New Year to you! With the New Year, we would like to introduce you to our newest intern, Clinton Lucas.   Clinton attends the University of Houston as a Communications major. His true passion is Media Production. He plans on starting his own film production in 2014 and will graduate in the Fall of 2014. Eventually, he plans to attain his masters degree.   When asked about his dream job, Clinton said he’d like to, “work in the film industry one day and/or start my own production company.”   Clinton enjoys exercising, listening to Diplo and eating Mediterranean food! (more…)