Month: November 2014

Promoting Post By REFUGE Team

Posted on November 19th, 2014 Categories: Blog

Facebook is a great way to push information out to the masses. For businesses, it is a very effective marketing tool. Any new product or campaign can be seen with just a few clicks of the button.   What you may not know is the organic reach, which is the reach of your posts that aren’t paid for, of your post has significantly declined. That means a smaller percentage of your fans get to see what you post on your page. On average only 6 percent of your fans are able to see your post and only 2 percent with (more…)

Colors Matter By REFUGE Team

Posted on November 12th, 2014 Categories: Blog

Color is a big reason why people purchase certain products and sometimes it may be the only reason for a purchase. Color has a psychological impact on people’s behavior and decisions and this is no secret for designers and marketers.   There are reasons why Facebook is blue and why YouTube is red.  It’s because of the emotions that websites want to trigger in order to keep users on their site along with the psychological effects. Here are a list of colors with potential meaning to what they bring out according to PallasArt.   Red: passion, romance, fire, violence, aggression. (more…)