Month: January 2015

Introducing Kelechi Ejekam By REFUGE Team

Posted on January 21st, 2015 Categories: Blog

We would like to welcome Kelechi to the Refuge Group as another one of our spring interns! Kelechi Ejekam, first generation Nigerian-American was born and raised in southwest Houston to Rachel & Emmy Ejekam. As the middle child, he soon realized the true meaning of the word responsibility.  Due to the value of “family first” that Kelechi’s parents stressed early, his younger brother and older sister were his best friends and still are today. To ensure a great education, Kelechi’s parents placed him in the Vanguard programs of his elementary and middle schools. Later on, Kelechi would go on to (more…)

Welcome to The Team By REFUGE Team

Posted on January 15th, 2015 Categories: Blog

Refuge Group would like to introduce our intern - Ann Nguyen. Ann’s childhood included periodically living like gypsies because of her parent’s jobs, which required them to move around. Dallas was her birthplace, but she has lived in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Wisconsin, Georgia and Montana. Ann mostly grew up on the island of Galveston, TX.  Now settled into Houston after six years, her life continues with career goals, college, interning and working two jobs. The moving experiences has incorporated itself into her adulthood life now -having almost 22 years of traveling under her belt -  it is a part of Ann’s past (more…)