5 Reasons to Encourage “Checking-In”

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In this day and age everyone has the ability access the Internet in the palms of their hands.   The growing influence of social media allows for everyone’s opinion to be heard, and this can be leveraged for growing businesses.


Checking-in allows the user to publicly announce his or her location using their smartphone.  For instance, if a customer is at their favorite restaurant they simply create a status, check-in with your location and post. Everyone who follows you will be able to see exactly where you are! Here are 5 reasons why every business owner should encourage their customers to check-in:



Exposure is very important to a growing business and checking-in is a great way to expand your reach to potential customers. Seventy-four percent of smartphone users get real–time location-based information on their phones.  On average Facebook users have more than 200 friends in their network so it only takes one person to check-in to increase the exposure for your business.


Website Traffic

It is important for businesses to become socially connected, which means more than just having a website. Businesses must join other social media and make sure it is linked to its website. When people check-in at the business’s location all of the users that see the post could potentially view the website as well and decide to stop by in the future.



Checking-in is not limited to displaying your location, but it also allows you to post a review of the experience! Did you know that 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations? The more consumers that check-in with a positive review will establish credibility for the business.


Customer Engagement

Reward your most loyal customers with exclusive offers to help attract new customers. Customers who engage with companies over social medial spend 20% to 40% more money than other customers. The idea is to give to your customers and they will return the favor by sharing the deals they receive thus bringing in more business!



If a company has a new product or service then checking-in is an easy way to get subtle advertisements on social media. After all, business’s customers are walking, talking, posting and tweeting advertisements! A business can provide incentives for the people that interact with them on social media like allowing them to try out the new products first!

Social media is changing the way businesses do business so make sure you get the most out of the potential that is online. Keep checking back with us for more tips!

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