Advertising Frequency – Finding the Magic Number

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Is there a magic number that brings in customers after your message has been repeated a certain number of times? In an ideal world, yes. Sometimes, marketing experts claim that 3 exposures can do the trick; i.e., your ad begins to get noticed once an individual has been exposed to it three times or more.
That sounds almost too good to be true, and perhaps it is. A closer look might reveal that the “3+” formula may not work for all media. Really, what platform would have the maximum impact with 3 exposures? Billboards? Newspaper ads? Online placements?
Perhaps a combination of all of the above.
Timing, of course, is extremely important. Between peak season campaigns (holidays, seasonal products), a steady stream of advertisements or timed blitzes (once a quarter), what proves to be the best approach for your business may depend on your target audience, the products you sell and of course, your marketing budget.
Peak Season Campaigns involve pouring most advertising dollars into one big campaign. The idea makes perfect sense for organizations that offer a seasonal and/or geographically based product line. For instance, alpaca wool sweaters are probably not going to get too much attention in a Floridian summer.
On the other hand, perhaps a Quarterly Advertising Blitz may help your business more. Depending upon the timing of these campaigns, they can help move your business from your customer’s peripheral vision and into constant focus. In return, you’re also able to allocate funds in a more effective way for specific times.
The fact is, a magic number of exposures to gain a dedicated audience probably does not exist; but if understanding a target market combined with the right timing are  anything to go by, chances are that being prepared will certainly boost the ROI numbers.



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