Are QR Codes a Thing of the Past?

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Not yet. There’s a lot more life left in these Quick Response images than we choose to give them credit for. Just when we thought that these square, geometric data-boxes with confusing uses were beginning to phase out, small business owners began adopting them. And to think they began as a car-tracking device.
QR code uses are definitely expanding. Lately, restaurants have been adopting them to lead customers directly to menus and online ordering pages. In the case of Manny Rai, Lakewood business owner, QR Codes outside his Wine & Beer business are helping him attract business from curious passersby’s.
They’re clearly still a novelty in the small business arena, largely because small business owners still need to catch up to the trending technologies and understand how they’re going fit the latest fad into their own big picture. Fair enough.
Click or Scan! Either way, you’re in for a pleasant surprise!
But with greater adoption comes greater responsibility. And a need for better design. Without a doubt, QR Code designs could use a design overhaul and anything to add more aesthetic appeal would be an improvement, especially rounder edges. It’s finally time to soften the look of the semi-ubiquitous QR Code.
Black and White: Classic or Passé?
In the case of QR Codes, we’re voting for passé. Black and white geometry on a 2-dimensional surface doesn’t extend its appeal too much further beyond op art from the seventies. If you’re trying to draw an audience in, trying swapping out the black and white default for a white background with multiple colors or a color gradient. As long as the foreground is has a dark enough contrast from the white, there should be no trouble with scanning it.
Creativity is KEY. This QR Code just might take the cake!
Which bring us to the next factor to consider. Test your QR Code before releasing it to the market. If it doesn’t organically intrigue people or draw them in, or if it leads to an irrelevant web page, then it’s time to go back to the drawing board.
How have you used QR Codes to launch your campaigns or raise awareness for your organization? Let us know in the comments below!


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