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There is always important data that you need in your life stored on your computer, tablet or phone. It could be something you need for a presentation or it can even be all those “important” numbers on your phone that you can’t live without. There is always that one thing that happens during or before your presentation or that one time you lost your phone when you will be kicking yourself for not bringing an extra copy or for waiting too long to save those numbers. You depend on these types of things, and you always need to prepare yourself for technology mishaps or a lost phone. Backing up everything that is important to you is the best thing you can do to help yourself. You should make it part of your routine, kind of like the maintenance for your car.


The standard rule for backup is called the 3-2-1 rule. Whenever you want to backup something you want to make at least three copies in two different formats with one copy offsite.

Having three copies in different places reduces the chances of losing it. Two different formats could be saving a copy on a hard drive and another to a USB drive. Keeping one copy offsite means to keep one at home and another at work or school. This keeps at least  one copy safe in case of a fire or break-in. Cloud services are considered off site, but they are not a good for backups because they can still lose your data and have recently been known for getting hacked.


When choosing what to backup the choice is yours.  We would recommend protecting anything that you want to keep or can’t recreate such as documents that are vital for business; or pictures, videos and music that you have created or downloaded over the years.

Backing up your mobile phone is very important as well. In some cases, people can’t do work without their phone because they sync everything that needs to be done to it. People use their phone to take pictures and videos for work, as well as saving important numbers that you have gotten along the way. It can be annoying and tiresome trying to acquire the numbers you have lost.


Simply put, we recommend that you backup anything that your daily routine can’t continue without.

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