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Instagram is wonderful for showcasing photos of your products, employees, or your business’ experiences. However, tracking your follower engagement can be tricky. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite free analytic apps for Instagram. By using one of these apps, you’ll gain insight into who your followers are, who follows your account the closest, and much more.


1. Iconosquare: Formerly known as Statigram, this website offers an Instagram viewer, statistics, comment tracker services, sharing with Facebook, ability to host Instagram contest for followers, and the capability to search on Instagram online. The online viewer allows user to see their Instagram feed along with likes, comments, popular photos, and other user profiles. The bonus to using this viewer is that it provides easy sharing capabilities with other social media sites, such as Facebook and Pinterest. Iconosquare offers statistics on growth, account history, community insights, and tips to optimize your time on Instagram. You can also find out what photos have earned the most likes and what filter you use most often. The comment tracker allows you to mark comments as read or unread and respond to commenters. This next Inconosquare feature is more for brands than individual users, it allows you to connect your Instagram directly onto your Facebook page using a widget. If you feel like spicing up your Instagram by hosting a contest, for a fee Iconosquare will help you! This website is definitely worth checking out.


2. Followers+ for Instagram: This app is produced by Tappple and offers statistics on followers and photos. You can see who your “best” and “worst” followers are, and who is not following you back. You can see what accounts you like the most posts from and how near your followers are to you. iTunes users have given this app a 4.5 out of 5 star rating. This app also has a user friendly interface that is easy to read. A bonus for using Followers+ is that you can use it with Facebook and Twitter as well. For the average social media user or a small business, this may be the app for you.


3. Followers For Instagram- Followers and Unfollowers Tracker: Made by NoApostroph3s LLC, this app allows users to track followers, accounts that do not follow you back, users who follow you and you do not follow back, and your Instagram unfollowers. Unfollowers are users who used to follow you and no longer do. Furthermore for $0.99, this app will tell you who comments and likes your photos the most often, and whose photos you like and comment on the most often. You can also see your “worst followers”- those who do not like or comment on your posts. This app has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on iTunes. If your primary focus is knowing your followers, this may be a good app for you.


4. Your Followers on Instagram- Management Tool by TechDevPro: This free app received a 5 star rating on iTunes and is made by TechDevPro. With this app you can see followers, those who have unfollowed you, followers you do not follow back, and user profiles. You can also see your most liked photos and your favorite users on Instagram. For $0.99 you can purchase an Essential Pack, although no details are given as to what that includes.


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