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Why Should You Blog for Your Brand?


Blogging is an integral part of online marketing. In previous blogs we’ve discussed the relevance of a blog, as well as blogging as a means to form online relationships with customers. Maintaining a blog is important for your brand because it helps customers understand your brand personality and showcases your expertise.


Brand Personality


Aside from social media, there are very few outlets where you can express your brand personality. Websites typically maintain a professional feel and explains what your company does. Adding a blog section to your site will allow for potential customers to really get to know your brand. When writing blogs you are allowed to be funny, creative and conversational.


Show Them You’re an Expert


You know your industry and understand why your customers should choose you, but do they? If customers follow you on social media they have probably seen the cute photos you post or read an article that caught their eye, however, they are not seeing original content that shows off your expertise. Blogging allows your company the chance to make yourself an expert in your field. Since it is something you will update weekly, it will be easier to showcase your knowledge


Still Not Convinced?


If allowing your customers to understand your brand was not enough of a reason to start blogging, SEO should be. Blogging will increase your SEO ranking because it allows you to update content regularly with keywords. It also creates free PR, gives you audience insight and helps generate leads.

Start small with your company’s blog and work your way up! Happy Blogging!

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