Building Trust: Gaining Social Media Followers

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You’ve worked and slaved over your social media accounts to cultivate your followers and grow the number of likes, but it seems like nothing is working. Well it’s time to try something different instead of posing funny pictures of cats. Here are sometips to grow your likes and get everyone excited about your brand or company.


Make It Your Online Portfolio


Social Media Today’s writer, Pam Moore, suggests posting examples of your work to establish you know what you’re doing. These examples can range from past projects your company has done to testimonials from current and past customers to links to blogs that have referenced your work. Pam also suggests that you should “walk the walk.” Do what you say you’ll be doing for your clients. For example, if you’re an interior designer then post examples of furniture ideas you’ve done in your home. It doesn’t have to be as detailed, just show you can do it.


Engage Your Fans


You’ve probably heard this but reach out to your fans! Ad Age’s guest blogger, Riley Gibson, writes companies should look to their pages “superfans.” These are the people that religiously liking, commenting, or retweeting your posts. One of Riley’s suggestions is to reward your superfans. Thank them for reaching out to your company/brand and message them a discount code. By doing this nice thing for a fan, you’ll make them more likely to share your account with their friends and followers.


Kristy Barkan with Social Media Today advises to let your personality shine through your account. People will like or follow your social media account not only because they like your company/brand, but also because they like what’s going on the page. Kristy also suggests not going overboard with the business push. If you’re posting product after product, your followers will most likely get bored and unfollow.


We hope these tips help you on your social media hunt. If you have any tips on building your followers, please share it with us in a comment below.



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