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With business travel on the rise again, the hassles linked to traveling tend to increase. Crowds delay the flow of traffic in airports, and people often spend outside of their budget as unforeseen expenses arise. It can be challenging to prepare for a business trip, but planning and knowing certain information ahead of time is the best way to avoid travel-related headaches.


Some Helpful Tips to Remember:


In order to avoid the fees and hassles associated with checking luggage, pack light and smart using luggage that can fit in the overhead bins. According to Rick Steves, “the measure of a good traveler is how light he or she travels. You can’t travel heavy, happy, and cheap. Pick two.” Be sure to check out his blog here.


Instead of packing one oversized bag, try packing two small, but equal-sized bags. One should fit under the seat, while the other should be flexible so it will fit in the overhead bins. Another tip is, weather permitting, to try wearing the heaviest items you are taking in order to reduce the amount that needs to go in your luggage.


Watch out for security lines that include families with small children and unconventional luggage. Sometimes, the shortest line is not always the fastest.


Before your arrival, find out how much it will cost to stay connected. Some hotels charge around $30 a day for Internet access. At times, it is more affordable to make prior arrangements and buy a different data plan for a phone or tablet, rather than paying daily rates.


Find out the essential information beforehand, and it will ease travel-related stress, turning an inconvenient work task into a pleasant experience. Click here for more tips on making work travel less troublesome.

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