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There is no denying that our world is changing in the ways that we communicate with the never-ending evolution of social media, but many people, especially people that are in college or just graduating from it, think of social media as just that – social. Here at The REFUGE Group we are in “intern season” so there is no better time than now to chat about how to use social media, what to put on them and how you can use it to your advantage while transition from college to career!


There is a certain “digital etiquette” that you should adhere to if you would like your digital resume to be up-to-par. That’s right, we said it – digital resume. How often do you use Google to look up a definition, job, news or anything else that you seek more knowledge on? The answer is probably along the lines of “all of the time”. Employers can do the same thing, so be sure to keep your updates appropriate and something that doesn’t have the potential to hold you back in the future. We aren’t saying to not be social online, but suggest that you are smart while doing it!


Part of having the right content on your social media is having control over your pages. You can get the most control by customizing your privacy settings, which can help you control the friends that see your profile and posts, if people can post statuses or pictures directly onto your timeline and what activity you show as public.  Activating those privacy settings can save you from publicizing that embarrassing picture your younger sibling posted, that post from the friend that always crosses the line, a like to a controversial post or anything else that is better seen by close friends and family or nobody at all.


Now that everybody knows to post appropriate statuses, pictures or tweets and to control one’s privacy settings, let’s dive into another important component – active posting! Actively using your social platforms shows that you are on the ball with communicating. After all, one search in Google and an employer can find out how active you are online.


Using social networks appropriately and on a regular basis is important, but how you use them is also important. Like we stated earlier, many people use networking online socially, which is understandable since it is in the name, but how is that going to get the attention of employers? Utilizing social networks to show your professional interests, collaborating skills, networking expertise and that you are up-to-date with what happens around you will stand out to employers. You can do this on sites such as LinkedIn.


Did you know that some college classes focus on social media and sometimes give certifications in platforms such as Hootsuite? Or offer social media seminars? Looking for opportunities like these on campus will make your transition from college to your career a cinch, and with these pointers you will be able to wow any employer that comes your way!

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