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Color is a big reason why people purchase certain products and sometimes it may be the only reason for a purchase. Color has a psychological impact on people’s behavior and decisions and this is no secret for designers and marketers.


There are reasons why Facebook is blue and why YouTube is red.  It’s because of the emotions that websites want to trigger in order to keep users on their site along with the psychological effects. Here are a list of colors with potential meaning to what they bring out according to PallasArt.


Red: passion, romance, fire, violence, aggression. Red means stop, or signals warning or forbidden actions in many cultures.
Purple: creativity, mystery, (reddish purple) royalty, mysticism, rarity. Purple is associated with death in Catholic cultures, as mentioned above.
Blue: loyalty, security, conservatism, tranquility, coldness, sadness. Light blues create a feeling of openness, clean air and freshness, while dark blues can convey tradition, trust and solidity.
Green: nature, fertility, growth, envy. In North American cultures, green means ‘go,’ is associated with environmental awareness, and is often linked to fiscal matters. A lighter, somewhat desaturated green is the color of money and indicates wealth or value.
Yellow: brightness, illumination, illness, cowardice. Some yellows can symbolize the precious metal – gold – and are universally valued.
Black: power, sophistication, contemporary style, death, morbidity, evil, night.
White: White: purity, innocence, cleanliness, truth, peace, coldness, sterility. White is also the color of death in Chinese culture, as mentioned above.


Depending on what color your website is already or the color the branding is, these colors will affect how the website is being portrayed. In certain cases, there are brand names that are more powerful than their brand color. The brand is so well-known that consumers won’t care what colors they use for their website or logo. The lesser-known brands may want to consider what colors to choose for their website and logo because certain colors will work well with certain brands.


Which colors are you incorporating into your branding and marketing?




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