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Content curating – the term coined for the hours of time gathering and republishing content – looks like it’s here to stay. Which means that more than ever, people (industry experts, pundits) are keeping a closer and more watchful eye over the quality of content that gets produced and published on the Internet. Really, one half of the equation can’t exist without the other.

Good content – great content, even – doesn’t just create itself, however. It needs a focused strategy. And we found a few easy and simple tips that we’d love to share with you.
1. Find Your Voice
You can’t engage a market if you don’t know how to connect with them. Are you pithy? Wordy? Funny and entertaining? Thoughtful? And do any of these personas reflect the “sound” of your brand? To develop a relationship with your audience, what you say on the social networks must sound like you.
2. Stay with the Pulse
Timing is everything, and often times it requires dedicated planning sessions; for instance, creating a calendar of posts that may relate to your audience’s lives. Unless you’re anywhere in the Southern hemisphere, publishing articles on winter coats in the middle of May doesn’t make sense.
3. Know Who You Are
At this point, we’re going to assume that you’re no stranger to social media. You want people to follow you on Twitter and “Like” you on Facebook. But why should they? What do you have to offer to an audience? Do you offer just a product or a memorable experience that they can carry and help spread the word about?
4. Listen and Engage
Have you been listening and responding to your audience? Engaging your target audience in a conversation is a proven way to build trust with them because your fans and followers need to know that there are real people – not bots – behind every update and blog post.
Part of what makes social media so attractive is the built-in ability to “decentralize” the faceless, monolithic institution, a feature that is invaluable for building good-will and long-term relationships, which have a way of turning into repeat business and positive word-of-mouth advertising.
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