Corporate Graffiti: Billboard Marketing

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Even when you aren’t looking, they catch your eye. Billboards jump out grab your attention whether you’re sitting in traffic or driving down the freeway. According to AdHitch, 29% of people said that outdoor advertising caused them to visit a store within a week.


Keep It Short and Sweet


When planning what to put on your billboard, remember that people will be driving when they see it. In other words, keep it short. About Advertising suggests keep the length of words at about 6 or less. Since you have to keep your words to a minimum this is when you can show it instead of explaining it. Look into going 3D or using moving objects or making it interactive for the viewers. This is your chance to make your ad memorable!


Claim Your Territory


Finding where to place your ad is as important as coming up with the ad concept. The ideal location will alert your audience to your location. You’ll want to look into purchasing billboards close to your locations. It’s a waste of money placing your ads for a new clothing store 45 miles away from the store’s location. Another idea is to make sure to pick a place where your ideal audience will see it. For example, if you sell office supplies you will want to have your billboard ads around where there are lots of businesses or if you’re trying to bring families into your restaurant, you will want to place your ads closer to schools.


Help drive business to your brand today with billboard advertising! If you have used billboard advertising, let us know how it worked for you.

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