Creating a Digital Call to Action

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If you’ve ever looked at a web page and felt a little confused, chances are that it’s been poorly designed. With little clarity of message, poor placement of images and buttons and a wall of text to sift through, it’s no surprise that eliciting a response from the audience feels like it might exist legions away.


Creating a compelling digital call to action requires the consideration of quite a few design elements, for instance, the ratio of an accent color to white space. Achieving the right balance can be tricky – even arbitrary in some instances – but practice, and a few basics in hand can make a significant impact in the right direction.

Color CTA buttons need to be loud, bold and stand apart from your website’s design theme. This is the one place on your website where you’re allowed to get more creative than you usually would be because the goal is to gain the customer’s attention.


For the most effective results, pick a color that stands in contrast with your background.


Placement Take a gander at the Dropbox homepage. Nothing like a large button placed in the center of a white background to make your audience curious enough to click.


Size Bigger is better. In the case of the Mozilla Firefox “Free Download” button, bigger, brighter and slightly awkward are all better.


Clarity “Call Now!” “Get Started” “Start Searching” “Download” “Purchase” as opposed to “Editions and Pricing”. The difference lies in the clarity of your message – what do you want the customer to do or learn about at your website?


And how will you elicit the desired reaction from your clientele? Leave us a note in the comments!

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