Customer Service in a Connected Era

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Are you looking for happier customers? We all are. And in this hyper-connected world with people seeking instant-gratification, happy customers are five times more likely to “spread the love” if they’ve had a positive interaction with you. Which means that word-of-mouth advertising has turned the tables on dispersion of negative feedback. This is the good news.


Getting there, however, requires a little bit of work.

1. Speed! Waiting two weeks to answer a question is officially a thing of the long lost past. Research has show that most people interacting with social media expect a response between 10 minutes to 1 hour. Needless to say, keeping your clients waiting is not a good idea; especially when they’re not really trying to spread negative reviews about you.


2. Consistency of communication across all channels is vital. And we mean vital. Having your customers see consistent responses across social media channels is important for your organization to be seen with credibility and a sense of expertise. Different channels of the same organization cannot be used to communicate different solutions for the same problem.


3. Organization is a close cousin of consistent communication. Depending upon the size of your organization, develop a team of staff dedicated exclusively for monitoring your social media channels and delivering consistent responses to comments, queries, shares, re-tweets and new followers. Believe us when we say that your clients will sniff inconsistency and disorganization from a mile away.

4. Accept Responsibility and apologize. We’re all liable to trip over ourselves at some point and make a mistake with our clients. For instance, overcharging for a product or delivering an unpleasant customer-service experience can happen and generate bad reviews. However, ignoring the issue won’t make it go away. Acknowledge the customer, accept the responsibility for the slip-up and move on.

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