Don’t Be Intimidated By Marketing Automation

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Marketing automation isn’t exactly new, but many businesses have not gotten on board yet. Marketing and automation were hardly ever spoken in the same sentence until now, but with the rise of online engagement it only makes sense to combine the two. We are here to tell you not be intimidated, but instead to embrace this new way of marketing!


As many salesmen and women know, one of the secrets to successful selling is building a relationship. Now-a-days customers have an infinite amount of knowledge at their fingertips thanks to the Internet, and they do not hesitate to use that to their advantage. Before a customer even speaks with the sales team they have learned as much information as they may need. This is where marketing automation comes in! It can send information to help the customers based on what they look at on a business’s website.


You may be wondering how in the world content can be personable with automation. Well, there is an answer. When a customer goes to your website, there is a way to program it to when they click on “x” product the company will send a personalized email with more details and more products like it!


Smart engagement is another key to marketing automation. When a customer adds items to the cart, but does not pay yet the computer can send an email with similar content or a reminder email.


You can learn more about marketing automation at Advertising Age.

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