First Impressions: Business Card Edition

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The business card have been a staple in the business world since the 17th century when they were used as trade cards for merchants. While they were much smaller back then, they still had the same idea: getting your name and business out into the general public. Here are some items that you should remember when creating your card.

When creating your business card, make sure you include all of your contact information. That includes but is not limited to: name, title, company, business address, business phone number with extension (if you have one), cell phone number, email, company website, and fax number. You should also make sure all of the information is up to date. If you change a number or email, don’t just cross out the old information on the card and write in the new information; go get new cards made.


Also take the time to make your card creative and memorable. Whether that means adding a fun graphic or just your business’s logo, make the card yours! Just be sure to keep in mind not to have multiple fonts, hard to read fonts, or try to squish too much information on the card. You don’t want it to be unreadable. Remember this is like a mini billboard for your client’s wallet, so you want it to stand out against competitors. One of the most creative cards I’ve seen is this one from Germany:

If you want to get some more creative business card ideas, then be sure to check out this website that has 80 creative and unique business cards.


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