Five Social Media Trends are Affecting Businesses

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As your business builds its social media presence, it will help to keep in mind the prominent trends that affect your efforts. Mike Johansson of Social Media Today recently highlighted five such trends to keep in mind. The following is a recap of his insights.


A Picture is Worth 1000 Words– Businesses are finding that using visuals on social media is a much more effective way to engage their audience.  The increased use of pictures has led to great growth for sites such as Instagram and Pinterest.  YouTube and Vine have grown as they provide space for the use of videos.


Two Hands are not Enough– Americans are spending more time on more computing devices than ever before. It is common for this time to be spent on more than one device at the same time.  In this atmosphere, it important for brands to coordinate their efforts on numerous platforms.


Brands Need to be Human– More consumers are following brands on various platforms online.  At the same time, these consumers don’t want brands to misuse their online loyalty.  The delicate balance of relating to fans and customers is not any easier online.


Privacy is Still a Priority– Increased time spent online has led to increased concern about keeping personal information secure.  In light of this, it is important for businesses to balance their need for data with individuals’ needs for privacy.


Measurement is a Necessity– With a large percentage of individuals visiting social media several times a day, brands are looking for more ways to measure how well they are accomplishing their goals online. Numerous tools are available to brands to fulfill this need.  Businesses looking to succeed online need to learn how best to use these measurement tools.


What trends have you seen affecting your business online?  How have you responded to these trends?  Share in a comment.



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