From Our Forum To Yours: Utilizing Blogs & Forums

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The holidays are a time for sharing with others. One way to share with your customers is to reach out with a blog or forum. These digital discussions will help you engage and interact with your customers and fans.


It’s Your Stage


With a blog or a forum, you choose the topic you want to talk about. You can take your customers behind the scenes of the company or ask them which discontinued product they want to come back. By sharing with your customers, you will not only be promoting your company, but you’ll also be building credibility and trust with your customers.


Find The Key


When writing a post or a discussion question, there are a few things you should consider. The first is making sure you use keywords not only in the main body, but also in the title. This will allow people searching with those keywords to find your content. Even if you are hosting the blog or discussion on your website, make sure you link to your website in the text. If your content ends up on another website, people will still be able to get backto your website thanks to that link. Finally when you publish the content make sure you respond to people’s comments. By encouraging and interacting with your customers, people are more likely to respond to later posts.


Go Social


Now that you’ve written your blog or created a new discussion, push it out! Make sure you share the content or post the link to all your social media platforms. You should also look into social bookmarking websites like Digg or StumbleUpon. These bookmarking sites let you link your content, so people that are looking for similar blogs or discussions are able to find you.


If you’ve tried blogging or a forum for the first time, let us know about it!



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