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This summer Facebook released a new feature for its users: Promoted Posts. These posts, which are written like normal posts, make sure all of your followers see the information you are trying to push. Right now they’re only available to Facebook Pages that have at least 400 likes.



What Should I Post?

Post things that are similar to previous topics that your audience interacted well with. The Facebook Help page recommends taking a look at your Page Insights to best gauge your audience and what they interact best with. The help page also suggests that a new audience is more likely to interact with your page if they see that a friend has already liked, commented or shared something from your page.


How Do I Promote a Post?


Promoting a post is simple. Create a post like you would normally and when you are finished click on the “Promote” button. Click the type of audience you would like to reach and enter the amount of money you would like to spend on the post. You can spend anywhere from $5 to $75 to reach around 500 to 14,000 people. Then you just hit save and then hit “Post” like you would normally and you’re done!



Rumor Has It
You may have seen on your personal news feed groups you follow saying that you need to add them to an interest list because Facebook will start charging them to post to all their followers. Well, that is the farthest thing from the truth. Tech Crunch did their own version of MythBusters and found that the launch of promoted posts actually had no impact on the number of news feeds Facebook Pages could reach.

What it did was make it easier for personal users to report Pages for being spammy and it changed how the site picks what pops up in the news feed. As long as your company’s page doesn’t seem spammy with tons of Facebook updates, your posts will continue to show up in your follower’s news feeds.

Did you see a jump in likes after a Promoted Post? Has there been an increase in your follower interaction when you did a Promoted Post? We want to hear about it! Just leave your comment below.


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