Gmail for Small Businesses

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Many people use Gmail for personal use, but it’s also great for business purposes. By becoming a part of Google Apps for Business, your small business will be able to take advantage of the many features and benefits Gmail has to offer.


Instead of carrying on business with a regular domain name such as Hotmail, Yahoo, or even Gmail, upgrade and use your website name in order to increase your business’ sense of professionalism. When setting up your Gmail domain name with your website name, Google verifies that you own the website to ensure that you have rights to the domain name.


Aside from the exciting fact that businesses get to use their domain name in their email address, Gmail for business also offers other beneficial features, such as a base of 25 GB of storage space! A bonus feature is that Gmail is easy to synchronise with Outlook and BlackBerry (if you still own one, that is). If the list of features is not yet long enough, instant messaging and video chat are also included and allow for easy communication between you and your clients, or coworkers.


Furthermore, Google doesn’t crash, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to access your email when you need it. Also, Gmail has cloud-based accessibility, which means if you have internet or data, you can access your email, anywhere, anytime. To put it in more technical terms, Gmail for business gives you security of data where your account is backed up on the Google platform with the ability to access your data over a secured SSL encrypted connection.


There are many other features available to regular users that that can also benefit businesses, such as “Undo Send” and “canned responses.” “Undo Send” is a feature that has unknowingly been available for six years under the Labs section of Gmail. Now it is available to all users under general settings. For up to 30 seconds after sending an email, you are able to hit the “Undo Send” button, saving yourself from sending embarrassing emails, emails with incorrect information, or an email to the wrong recipient. In other words, this powerful button can potentially save you from a plethora of embarrassing mishaps. The other feature, “canned responses,” allows you to insert common responses into emails; responses that you frequently use and that are stored by Gmail.


There are many benefits for using Gmail for business that could make a positive impact on your company. So if you’re still using Hotmail, Yahoo, or AOL, consider switching over to Gmail for business, otherwise your customers might view your email in this way.


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