Instagram for Business

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In blogs past, we mentioned how great Facebook and Twitter are for your business. However, there are several social media avenues we have left unexplored. Many people use Instagram for photos of their food and selfies because it’s a very easy app to use and they offer tons of fun filters. Instagram is also great for business because it allows customers to see a different side of your company.


Find The Balance


Posting photos on Instagram is all about balancing business and fun. Don’t bog your profile down in pictures of products used to hard sell. You can post photos of staff, fun things you see during the day and products to maintain a quality mix of interesting photos.


Connect Your Profiles


Facebook and Twitter are great ways to generate hashtag campaigns that direct back to your Twitter.  Dove created an entire campaign using the hashtag #beautyis. The concept is simple… Take a selfie with no makeup and no filter then post to Instagram using the #beautyis. Dove responded to all entries and posted their favorite photos to their website.


Taking note of Dove’s success, it would be easy to start a hashtag campaign through Instagram that you would be able to promote through Facebook and Twitter.


It’s Social Media


Brands need to remember that when using Instagram, it’s social. The same rules you follow for Facebook and Twitter apply. Follow back people who follow you, use relevant hashtags for your photo to connect you to the rest of the network and reply to consumers when they take the time to talk with you.


Instagram is a great resource for your business so take advantage of it!


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