Intern Spotlight: Stephanie Laucho

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Stephanie Laucho has been a wonderful addition to The REFUGE Group team over the past couple of months. Consistently improving and putting forth her best effort on a daily basis, Stephanie was determined to learn as much as possible.

Social Media Super Hero

Our clients’ social media pages felt the impact of Stephanie’s superb work while at The REFUGE Group. We quickly noticed increased engagement and new fans and followers once she learned the ropes. Once she learned what is appropriate to post, what prompts engagement and the idiosyncrasies between posting on different social media sites she soared higher and higher. Engagement increased on many of our clients’ social media sites under Stephanie’s command.


Analyzing Reports


Stephanie began to appreciate the usefulness of report analysis from the start. She learned that reports should be created and analyzed on a weekly basis in order to determine what type of posts tend to increase engagement and which ones do not. It is also a way to conduct marketing research because you have an idea of who is your audience. As Stephanie analyzed these weekly and monthly reports, she altered her posts accordingly, which as noted earlier, were a great success.




Over time, Stephanie learned how to write in the casual writing style used in a blog and support her thoughts with credible sources, often with the use of hyperlinks. The complexity of her writing also improved as she discovered words to avoid and began to treasure the thesaurus as many bloggers do, myself included.


We will certainly miss having Stephanie as part of the team and appreciate all the hard work she did during her summer internship. We wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors and hope she keeps in touch.


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