Introducing Skye-Lynn Ferch

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The REFUGE Group would like to welcome the newest Digital Marketing Intern, Skye-Lynn Ferch. Skye-Lynn is her real name but everyone calls her Skye.


She was born in Canada and lived there until she was 10 years old. A majority of her family is spread across British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. She, alongside her family, moved to Oklahoma then Texas. She went to high school in Gainesville, Texas. Throughout school she kept active in sports, which included volleyball, basketball and track.

When it became time to choose a university she chose the University of Houston. She has been there for 3 years now, and is well on her way to graduation. Originally, she started out with a major in Pre-Pharmacy, but didn’t even make it through orientation before figuring out that the pharmacy route was not the route for her. After another change of major and a few minutes of scanning the list of majors, she stumbled upon the communications category and quickly decided that was the path for her. She has since loved being in the Jack J. Valenti School of Communications!

She has been involved with Chi Omega since she started at U of H.  Outside of school and her new internship, she serves at Pappa’s Burger and encourages everyone to stop by and have a bite!

In her free time she spends time with 7 week-old puppy named Grayson, her boyfriend (take note of the order she put those two). She leads a busy life, but considers herself a simple woman of Christ. Her perfect day would include a Mitch Albom book in one hand, while her other hand rummages through a plate of fried pickles and Grayson in her lap. In front of her would be a gorgeous lake, above her a sky filled with sunshine and behind her a barbeque with her closest friends and family.

Thank you for joining our family at The REFUGE Group and we look forward to working with you!

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