It’s Spring Cleaning Time for Your Social Media Channels

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It’s spring cleaning time, and your social media channels are not exempt.  In case your social media outreach efforts have migrated into a dark, unused corner of your closet during the winter months, here are a few ideas to help you dust them off and make them more effective.


Is Your Drawer of Followers a Jumbled Mess?


A website like Tweepi can help you get a handle on who is following you on various social media channels.  This is a good time to evaluate your followers and to clarify your strategy for managing “inactive” followers.


Do Any of Your Rooms Need a Fresh Coat of Paint?


You can show your brand in a whole new light.  Take some time to update the cover pictures and other images that you are using on Facebook, Google Plus and other social media platforms.


Do You Really Still Need that Bicycle in the Garage that You Never Use?


This is an opportunity to evaluate the social media platforms that you are using.  Have any of them been dormant for months?  It may be beneficial to prune your social media tree to maximize over-all fan engagement.


Have You Considered Making a List?


You can more effectively listen to relevant conversations on Twitter by strategically creating lists on that platform.  Consider a private list of competitors or a public list of your best customers.  Aim for those key individuals who will maximize your marketing mix.


Take Some Time to Smell the Flowers


Once you’ve completed your social media cleaning, enjoy the arrival of spring.  Seek out the possibility of hosting an outdoor event with a nonprofit or community group in your area.


How do you spring clean your social media channels?  Share in a comment below.



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