LinkedIn Marketing – Thinking Beyond the Resume

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Many of us have LinkedIn profiles displaying our work histories and employer endorsements, but let’s be honest – many of those profiles lay dormant while the more visually engaging social media networks hold our attention for the largest part of our days.
But LinkedIn is a powerful medium right at our fingertips to connect with like-minded professionals, especially via business or product recommendations. Granted, you have to pour in a little effort to garner attention from the community; but we all know how far a personal recommendation goes in communicating trust and value.
There are a few avenues to explore if you’re thinking about branching your advertising efforts into a purely professional sphere.
LinkedIn Ads
Begin with LinkedIn Ads that let you define your scope by geography, industry, career and decision makers. LinkedIn Ads also let you control how much you spend on your advertising budget. You can pay through either cost per clicks (CPC) or cost per impressions (CPM).
Blog Feed 
If you’re looking for your target market to get a better understanding of your products and services at a glance, you may want to embed your blog feed into your LinkedIn profile. WordPress offers an application that streams in your updates – which translates to easy access to build personal, human connections.
Page Upgrades
If you have an existing business profile, consider adding a few upgrades to your company page, which can include a company overview tab, products and services tab, analytics and in case you’re looking to recruit quality talent, a career page where you can feature videos and employee profiles.
You can even expand your presence through custom groups, direct ad campaigns and utilizing events to feed the event planner in you.
Let us know in the comments how you’ve used LinkedIn to boost your online presence!



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