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Generation Z. They’re profiled as efficient multi-taskers who can text, blog, play on Facebook, post a Tweet and still get their homework done on time. They’re media savvy, technology savvy, thrive on speed (who remembers a dial-up connection?) and they need instant gratification.



We’re not really sure when they came to be, but the general consensus falls between 1994 – 2004. What we do know is that they’re the quintessential no-holds-barred generation who were born connected to the digital age. Generation Z is 23 million strong and marketers are now realigning themselves and their strategies to make their advertising more relevant to these hyper-niched consumers.


Part of the new marketing and advertising strategies includes incorporating some form of entertainment for our GenZ-ers. If the message is targeted with a multi-media, multi-platform mash-up, chances are it will elicit the required response. Especially in an age where social networking can make virtually any post go viral.


As with any demographic, communicating requires understanding who they are. At the moment, marketing to and communicating with Generation Z is a work and progress; because they’re still developing, we’re still learning about them, and these are the characteristics we’ve gleaned so far.


Born Curators

Generation Z is not brand loyal. There, we said it. What they are loyal to, however, is building and sharing their own view of the world, with as many people as they can. They share play lists, movies, food reviews, books and possibly, everything in between.


How does that translate for the marketer? Bring focus back to content and quality. Going viral is the digitized version of “word of mouth.” There’s no substitute for it. If your product is inherently “awesome”, it will be talked about. And sold.


Transparency and Dialogue

Don’t stifle conversation, nor attempt to control conversation about your products – encourage it,” advises Sound advice in a world where transparency and trust are becoming synonymous terms. While an open forum may dredge up negative comments, demonstrating a commitment to authentic and open dialogue will earn respect and “ultimately contribute to the long term success of your brand.”

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