Why Facebook?

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Using Facebook to develop a marketing strategy easy, engaging and, dare we say it, fun. Especially with the upgrades to its Photos application. The site now has the ability to load high resolution photos, 2048 pixels wide or high.


With stellar content, high-resolution pictures, real-time conversations and live chat, the potential for companies to connect with their demographic is huge.


1. The Human Connection The underlying theme to any marketing strategy developed using this social network giant is the human element involved. With 500 million users spread out globally, every user on Facebook comes with a human network, and it’s no secret that people tend to follow the advice based on the recommendation of someone they know. Any marketing campaign is bound to be successful – and less “cold” – when it spreads virally within a network of friends. Not only does your organization become more visible, it also becomes more real.


2. Interactivity And not just in a user-heavy, new-media mode. People want organizations to be friendly and accessible and engaging people always works better than a one-way model of communication. Facebook has the ability to create a dialogue within a discussion forum through regular posts in a quick-response and real time setting, giving your fans a space to have their voices heard.


3. Q&A A reminder of the website’s early poll days, Facebook Questions is a tool fast growing in its popularity. Questions requires no application permissions and users are limited to multiple-choice responses, which sets it apart from other Q&A forums on the web. As always, every Q&A comes with the option for users to “Like” or leave comments.


4. E-Commerce While the capability to run a business hasn’t really been built into Facebook yet, developing a storefront that displays your merchandise and links back to your online store or PayPal account just got easier. If you have an e-commerce website, then consider taking a look at applications like Payvment, Storefront Social and BigCommerce SocialShop to enhance your Facebook marketing strategy.

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