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The Millennial Generation is “the most talked-about, researched, marketed-to generation ever,” according to Melissa Lavigne-Delville, Vice President of Strategic Insights and Culture Education at NBCUniversal. Presently, small businesses must focus on real-time content and deliver a big impact upon consumers in the Millennials’ world of social media and digital devices. It is becoming harder and harder to stay relevant for modern businesses, so we’ll offer a few tips to success at marketing to the Millennials.


Keep on Talking


Your business has the opportunity to connect with customers on a whole new and faster level through online real-time interaction. Social media is a great way for businesses to reach personally and emotionally on tablets, smartphones and computers at all times.


Social media is a double-edged sword.  When a consumer comments on your business’ Facebook page, asks you a question on Twitter or emails you, then they expect a fast response. Your business must deliver at the sake of hurting their image as a prevalent business.


Leverage the Data


It is now possible to analyze real-time data, such as “retweets” and “likes” and use it to evaluate information at an astounding rate. By doing so, you can find your business’ place in the conversation and stay culturally relevant. For instance, “If you’re selling autos, you might be tracking how many times you generate a test drive in a dealership,” remarks Jay Palter, a content marketing strategist and personal brand. Read more here.



Gaining followers, friends and “likes” is only important in the long run if it somehow affects your business’ ROI. We can now see how people got to a website and what they went on to do online afterwards. If we can quantify that, then we can we can measure it against our goals. The key is to develop a clear social media campaign with specific objectives, maintain an online presence and target your actions according to the results!


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