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Facebook is a great way to push information out to the masses. For businesses, it is a very effective marketing tool. Any new product or campaign can be seen with just a few clicks of the button.


What you may not know is the organic reach, which is the reach of your posts that aren’t paid for, of your post has significantly declined. That means a smaller percentage of your fans get to see what you post on your page. On average only 6 percent of your fans are able to see your post and only 2 percent with pages who have 500,000 fans or more.


Facebook has developed a tool to help counter act this problem. Facebook now allows pages to promote their post for a fee. Do not mistake it for the post boost. Promoting posts allows you to publish content that will reach more of your fans. With this new tool businesses can promote new campaigns, products, hot deals, whatever they want their fans to see.  Here are some tips to help your business to maximize its reach.


Provide a Specific Geographic Location


Focus on the audience in your area. It would not be cost effective to promote globally when you have a local company. Concentrate on the fans that can possibly impact your business.




When posting, add photos along with comments to help increase organic reach. Photo post receives more engagement than links, videos, or written post. Photo post account for most of the engaging posts.  This will help your money stretch a little bit further.




Target the desired audience to be reached. This is great way to ensure the post reach the desired demographic. Did you know that you could see the demographics of your engaging Facebook fans by using Facebook Insights? If you are the page admin go to Insights then click on the “People” tab. You can get all kinds of interesting information there that will help you target your posts to a designated audience that will actually help increase your reach. Awesome, right?


Promote Exclusive Information


Promote any exclusive sales or deals to help drive traffic to your website. Only promote products and services that would interest your audience.


The promoted post is a new tool for businesses to leverage for their advantage. Utilize this tool because the decline of organic reach is increasing and it is essential for post to be promoted to maximize reach. Happy posting!

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