QR Codes: What They Are and Why You May Need Them

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Just when you think the cutting edge couldn’t get any sharper, there’s a new surprise waiting. This time it’s QR Codes, which have been used successfully in Japan for over a decade.
The newest buzzword in the post SXSW 2011 world is QR (Quick Response) Codes. They’re not all the rage in marketing just yet, but significant enough to command attention from opinion leaders, partly because of their ease of use.
Simply explained, QR Codes are square shaped 2D bar codes that hold more data than a typical bar code. And all you need to make them work is a smart phone with a working camera.
Why QR?
Well, first things first. Why use QR Codes at all? Because they’re a quick, easy and a fairly economical way to have information available for your clients at their fingertips. And because a QR image can be used on virtually any surface, they carry a huge potential to connect people to each other and to multimedia content.
Generating a QR code for your business is as easy as stepping over to either Google or to services like Kaywa.com. With the right data, your QR Codes can be linked from your business cards or brochures and marketing materials to your web content or special offers that are only run online.
Uses for QR Codes
“Anything” is a big umbrella, but really, as far as business decisions are concerned, QR Codes can be used to link to anything. But to offer a few examples, you can use QR Codes to link to:
Coupons and special offers.
Directions to your brick and mortar location.
Links to landing pages.
Offer access to company literature.
Provide information on tourist spots
If you’re still wondering how to incorporate a QR Code into your marketing campaign, or even how to use one, take a moment to watch the video below.
And remember to let us know how you’ve been using QR Codes yourself!


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