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At Refuge, we’re proud of being able to attract creative and intelligent people who understand that the heart of marketing lies in connecting with people. Our internship program allows us to work with bright and dedicated minds before and we thought it would be a great idea to introduce them to you.
Candace Espinal has enjoyed working with our long-standing clients, Eye Elegance and Cabinets & Designs. Her focus has always been ensuring that our clients’ requests are handled as professionally as possible. She has been vested in their success and attempted to provide them with equal attention to maximize their profits.
She was also very focused on Social Media deliverables. Candace can see the potential that SM channels provide in taking away communication hierarchies. “People want a personal connection with businesses, and social media is doing that” she says.
On the way, she’s learned the importance of time management and building relationships for the long haul. Candace says she will miss “hanging outwith the girls in the office” because she has “enjoyed getting to know the interns and the people who work for The Refuge Group”. Thank you, Candace! We’ll miss you too!


We’d also like to introduce you to our intern, Orpha Palomares, a Junior at the University of Houston. Orpha is majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Business Administration and decided to look for a marketing internship to learn more about the online creative process of marketing.
She wanted to delve into not just website design and online ads but social media and its connections to communicating with an audience as well.
Her success stories at Refuge lay with the Billiard Factory SM account where she has managed to identify and engage with a targeted audience and cater to their needs directly.  For Orpha, interacting with clients and their products was fun and seeing the work translated into results that met with their approval was “even better”.
Orpha, who is a professional photographer and a poet, will use her time post-internship to expand her photography business where she can directly apply her newly gleaned marketing skills.
Good luck to you both, Orpha and Candace! Thank you for being a part of the Refuge team and we wish you all the very best for your futures!


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